Automatically Upload Exported Data from Shopify to Slack with EZ Exporter

We've just added a Slack integration to our EZ Exporter Shopify app.

This new integration allows merchants to export data from Shopify in CSV or Excel format and automatically upload them to a Slack channel.

If you're like us and primarily use Slack for internal communications, this could save some time from having to open another website or app to view your Shopify reports.  This is a great alternative to sending custom reports over email.

When a file is uploaded to a Slack channel, it will look just like a regular Slack message with a file attached to it.  Your team can then start a thread from it and have a discussion about that file.

Below is an example of what this would look like in Slack:

If you're uploading CSV files, Slack will even give you a preview of the file content:

Configuring this on EZ Exporter is very simple:

  1. Connect your Slack workspace.
  2. Set Destination > Type to "Slack". Then select the Workspace and specify the Slack channel in the Export Profile settings.
  3. In the Slack channel, just add/invite @EZ Exporter to give our app permission to upload files to this channel (this just needs to be done once for each channel you'd like to upload files to).

That's pretty much it; it's basically just a new export destination where Slack itself is acting as a cloud-based file storage system.

Slack even has a dedicated "Files" section which lets you browse the files:

Pretty neat!

We're always looking for ways to deliver more value to our customers, so we hope this new integration proves useful to Shopify merchants.

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