Ethical Ways to Increase Your Followers

As an e-commerce store owner, it can be pretty hard out there. There are so many factors that determine success and so many millions of ways to attempt to achieve it that you might not be entirely sure of the best way to go about getting it. In theory getting followers, or increasing sales, or optimizing SEO may seem like it'll be a home run. In theory? Not so much. In fact, sometimes it may seem so hard to attain ...

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You're Not Sending Enough Emails

Building a solid customer base is something any e-commerce store should strive to do. Otherwise, how do you plan on growing? Ask yourself, where would you be without your customers? Where would any store be without its customers? In a world of trouble, that's where. And it isn't enough just to have customers, you must have returning customers above all else. New customers can be a flash in the pan, but your customers who return are your bread and butter. ...

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YouTube as an SEO Strategy for Your Ecommerce Business

Visibility is as important to your business as making a profit, if not more so. At the risk of sounding like my mother, if I've said it once I've said it a thousand times. If you're not ensuring the visibility of your page on search engines like Google, which is the king of all search engines, then you're making your job that much more difficult. Search engine optimization (SEO) is half of the battle for most companies, but it's far ...

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Export UTM Parameters From Your Shopify Order Data to CSV With EZ Exporter

One way to keep track of how well your marketing campaigns are doing is by using UTM parameters. Our app EZ Exporter now supports a function for extracting individual UTM parameters and place them in separate columns in the CSV file to make it easier for you to analyze the data.

UTM parameters are basically just these additional strings that you add at the end of a URL in the format of key=value so you can parse them later ...

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Facebook Pixels 101

Everybody knows Facebook and everybody knows ads. Everybody knows Facebook ads are eerily accurate in what they advertise. You'd be right to wonder how they do it. Aside from us living in an Orwellian era where most everything we do is visible to almost anyone who cares to take a look, the way those ads are done is quite simple. Facebook pixels.

What is Facebook Pixels?

Simply put, Facebook Pixels is an analytical tool used to track a consumer's actions ...

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