Ethical Ways to Increase Your Followers

As an e-commerce store owner, it can be pretty hard out there. There are so many factors that determine success and so many millions of ways to attempt to achieve it that you might not be entirely sure of the best way to go about getting it. In theory getting followers, or increasing sales, or optimizing SEO may seem like it'll be a home run. In theory? Not so much. In fact, sometimes it may seem so hard to attain ...

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EZ Notify: Include UTM Parameters in the Slack Message

We've just pushed a small update to EZ Notify to give our users the option to include UTM and other query parameters in the Slack notification message.

This data is part of the "Landing Site" field, which we've had for a while. However, this is normally a long string of characters which is hard to read.

With this update, you can now include just the landing page's UTM parameters so you can much more easily read the data. Another field ...

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Fulfill Your Shopify Orders with Dropbox

We're excited to announce our first Integration, Dropbox! You can now fulfill your Shopify orders from your Dropbox account. Our Dropbox integration works similar to our FTP/SFTP service where you can manually fulfill your orders or set them up on a schedule.

We use Dropbox here at Highview Apps ourselves for sharing all kinds of files. It makes our workflow much more efficient by not relying on email to share files. You can install Dropbox on pretty much any device, ...

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Stress Management for Entrepreneurs

Managing your own business is tricky. Sometimes it seems like your best is never enough. Other times it seems like there's just too much to do. It can get really hard out there. Plenty of times it may seem as though there is advice out there for entrepreneurs, but it's not always the right kind.

Day in and day out entrepreneurs get business advice, but very seldom do they get personal advice. I've got a little secret for you: you ...

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Automate Your Order Fulfillments With EZ Fulfill

Fulfilling orders can get complicated very quickly. As you grow your Shopify store, simply going through your list of orders and manually updating the tracking numbers and marking them fulfilled can become time consuming and error prone. In the early days of your store, when you have a handful of orders being shipped, this makes sense. However, as your store grows this is going to become unmanageable and stressful.

With the launch of EZ Fulfill, we hope to solve ...

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