Shopify Tip: How to View the Raw JSON Data of an Order, Product, or Customer Through the Shopify Admin

Did you know that you can view the raw data of an order, product, or customer by simply appending ".json" to the URL while logged in to the Shopify admin?

This is a pretty neat trick as it allows you to view data that's not even visible in the Shopify Admin pages. The data shown here is in JSON format, which is basically the same data that you'll see when using the Shopify API.

All you have to ...

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New Functions: to_list() and search_list() Now Available in EZ Exporter

We've recently added 2 new functions which can be used in the formulas of our app, EZ Exporter. These functions could come in handy for fields such as tags where you may need to filter them based on specific values.

to_list(data, separator=",")

Convert text data into a list/array.

For example, a tags field data may look something like this: "men, xxl, sale"

Applying this function like this:

to_list({{ tags }})

Will return this result: ['men', 'xxl', 'sale']

This ...

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EZ Exporter: Re-Download Your Shopify Data Exports

We've just pushed an update to EZ Exporter to allow our users to be able to re-download files that were previously generated within our app. Note that this feature is currently only available to users subscribed to the Professional or Premium plans.

We have our systems set up to keep a temporary backup of all exported files. Professional plan subscribers can re-download those files generated within the last 30 days and 90 days for Premium plan subscribers.

A few ...

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Import Your Kickstarter Campaign to Shopify

Congratulations you've completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. This is quite an accomplishment! Now that you've raised funding for your product it's time to start thinking about how you're going to fulfill them through your Shopify store. Importing external orders to Shopify can be stressful and scary. We're here to try and help take away some of that stress. Our app EZ Importer was built to try and make this process a little easier.

Export Your ...

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Additional Filter Conditions for Your Shopify Data

We've recently pushed an update to EZ Exporter to support the following additional custom filter conditions:

  • is equal to any
  • is not equal to any

These new filter conditions allow for additional flexibility when filtering your Shopify data. This essentially provides a way to combine AND and OR conditional logic to your data filters.

For example, one of our customers needed to filter their CSV reports with something like this:

Shipping Country Code is equal to US
Lineitem ...
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