Canceling Your Import

EZ Importer now lets you cancel running imports!

After you start your import, EZ Importer puts your import in what we call the running state. You know your import is in the running state when the status field on the Review Import page is marked running. You'll also see the Import Progress bar.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a light blue button that says Cancel Import. From here you can click the ...

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EZ Inventory: Web (HTTP/HTTPS) Data Feeds Support Now Available

EZ Inventory now supports web feeds!

This new functionality allows you to pull your data feeds from a website URL provided by your supplier and use that data to sync the inventory in your Shopify store. The website can use either HTTP or HTTPS. Basic authentication is supported as well for those websites that require it.

The other nice thing about being able to use web feeds is it makes it possible to pull your inventory data from third-party data ...

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Making Sure Your Fulfilled and Paid Orders Are Not Archived

I was recently setting up a new Shopify store and noticed all orders that were marked as fulfilled were archived. This wasn't something I expected and as I looked around the Shopify admin it wasn't obvious how to fix it. After a bunch of digging I finally figured out what was going on.

If like me, you don't want your fulfilled orders to be archived you're going to have to make a change to your Shopify ...

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EZ Importer: Multiple Transactions Now Available

We've recently released a feature that allows you to add multiple transactions to EZ Importer. Now when you import your transaction data you can add up to 5 transactions with each import.

To add multiple transactions go to the data mapper and click the transactions tab. At the bottom of the tab you'll see a button that says "Add Transaction Row".

When you click this button you'll be able to map another set of transaction columns. After ...

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EZ Exporter: Built-In Export Templates Now Available

EZ Exporter just got easier to use!

We're really excited to announce that our app now has support for built-in templates, making it super-easy to get started with our app! Just select a template and a pair of Export Profile and Data Settings will be created from that template, with most (if not all) of the things you'll most likely need already configured for you. You can then modify them at any time to customize them further.

It ...

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