Export Shopify Fulfillment Events

Shopify's Fulfillment Events are basically the data displayed on the Order Status Page to update customers on the status of their shipment.

With EZ Exporter, you can now export this data to a CSV file. The data is joined with the order data so you can quickly see in one report all the order information associated with each event.

When you go to the Order Data Settings, you will now see a bunch of new selectable fields that start with fulfillments.events. Below are some examples of the data you can select:

  • delivery dates
  • last delivered event date
  • last ...
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How to Delete Orders from the Shopify Admin

Deleting orders from the Shopify admin can be a little trickier than you would think. We've had multiple customers ask us if we could help them delete a single order from their store.

The first thing you need to do is mark the order archived or canceled before you can actually delete the order. You can do this by clicking the more actions drop down at the top of the order page. You will see multiple options in the drop down, just select the archived or canceled option.

Shopify Order Admin Actions

In our example we're going to mark the order canceled ...

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EZ Exporter: Field Sorting Now Available

We've just added an option to EZ Exporter to allow our users to set a default field to sort by. There's an option to select in which order to sort the field as well (ascending or descending).

This should hopefully save our users one additional step if they're manually sorting their Shopify CSVs after an export. The sorting options are available in Order, Customer, and Product exports.

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EZ Exporter: Professional and Premium Plans Now Available

We've decided to finally offer additional subscription tiers for our Shopify data export app EZ Exporter: Professional and Premium.

These new tiers allow us to accommodate Shopify store owners with very large datasets (in the hundreds of thousands) and also those who need more export profiles/presets/scheduled tasks.

We have customers, for example, who do dropshipping and they have many suppliers. So what they do is create a separate CSV template for each one and filter their orders based on the Vendor field. Each of these are then scheduled to run and have the CSV reports sent automatically ...

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Map Your CSV File Headers to Shopify Fields using EZ Importer

We've recently pushed an update to EZ Importer that makes mapping your CSV file to shopify fields easier. This new update will allow you to map your CSV file headers to Shopify import fields directly. This has been a pain point for many of our customers so we've decided to stream line the process to make it easier.

You're now able to create a data mapping based on the file you want to import. All you need to do is click the "Import Orders" button on the EZ Importer page. The same dialog box will popup but ...

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