Grouping and Aggregating Your Shopify Data with EZ Exporter

Grouping and aggregating data is now available in EZ Exporter!

This feature allows you to generate all kinds of summary reports to get more insights from your Shopify data. Below is just small list of the different types of reports you can now create thanks to this new feature:

  • Sales by Hour, Week, Day, Month, Year, Day of Week (which days have the highest sales, for example)
  • Sales by Customer, Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), Average Order Value
  • Sales by Product ...
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EZ Exporter: get_attribute_value() and get_total() Functions Now Available

We've recently pushed an update to EZ Exporter to include two additional functions that can be used in the Calculated Fields: get_attribute_value() and get_total().

A couple use cases came up while talking to our customers and we thought the best way to handle them was to add these functions.

get_attribute_value(data, attribute_name, results_separator=",")

Retrieve an attribute's value from a list of attributes.

The data may look something like this:

"discount_codes": [
    "code": "SPRING30",
    "amount": "30.00",
    "type": "fixed_amount"

Examples ...

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Automate Inventory Updates for Your Shopify Store with EZ Inventory

As your Shopify store grows, one of the things that really becomes a challenge is managing your inventory. Without proper inventory management, you could easily lose out on sales when your Shopify store shows "out of stock" for an item you actually have on hand. The opposite could also happen where you oversell an item you no longer have in stock, which could then lead to angry customers and support headaches.

Manually updating your inventory level in the Shopify Admin ...

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EZ Exporter: Private Key Authentication for SFTP Now Available

We've just added RSA private key authentication to EZ Exporter for SFTP/SSH connections. This authentication method provides extra security compared to regular passwords as SSH keys are much longer, making brute-force attacks pretty much impossible.

One of our customers requested it as one of their partners who they send their data to requires it to authenticate to their SFTP servers. I'm actually quite happy to see more users using SFTP vs regular FTP which is insecure by ...

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Importing Tax Lines to Shopify

We've pushed an update to EZ Importer which allows you to provide tax lines with your imports. To configure your imports to use tax lines you need to map the columns in your CSV file with tax line data using the data mapper.

If you need to import multiple tax lines per order you can click the Add Tax Line Row button on the bottom right hand side of the Tax Lines tab. This will add another set of ...

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