Copy Your EZ Importer Data Mappings

We've recently pushed an update, to our order import app EZ Importer, that allows you to easily copy your data mappings. Many users need to import orders into Shopify from different sources and in many cases the CSV files are very similar. Mapping your CSV file multiple times is very time consuming. In order to try and save you time we now have a copy data mapping button.

If you want to copy your data mapping, simply go to ...

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EZ Inventory: Export Detailed Log of Inventory Quantity Updates to CSV

We've just added an option in the "Activity Log Details" page of EZ Inventory to allow our users to export that data to CSV.

We've added this option as one of our customers told us it would save him time as he needs to be able to import that data into their CRM system from time to time. We figured this could be a useful tool for other things as well, such as for quickly re-uploading the file ...

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YouTube as an SEO Strategy for Your Ecommerce Business

Visibility is as important to your business as making a profit, if not more so. At the risk of sounding like my mother, if I've said it once I've said it a thousand times. If you're not ensuring the visibility of your page on search engines like Google, which is the king of all search engines, then you're making your job that much more difficult. Search engine optimization (SEO) is half of the battle for most ...

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Automatically Export Your Shopify Multi-Location Inventory Data to CSV With EZ Exporter

We've recently pushed an update to EZ Exporter to provide an option to include inventory levels from multiple Shopify locations as part of the product data export.

When you go to the Data Settings in EZ Exporter, you'll now see the following new fields:

  • variants.inventory_levels
  • variants.inventory_levels.available
  • variants.inventory_levels.location_id
  • variants.inventory_levels.location_name
  • variants.inventory_levels.updated_at

By default, the fields that start with variants.inventory_levels. such as variants.inventory_levels.available will include the values from all ...

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EZ Importer Updates: Disable Address Validation and Documentation Search

We've been spending a lot of time making small improvements to our app, EZ Importer. On top of many new technical improvements, we've also added two features that we think will make importing orders into Shopify easier.

Disabling Strict Address Validation

When importing orders you may not have all the address validation you need. Shopify has fairly strict address validation, however they do not fail your import if the order has incorrect address information. The order itself will ...

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