EZ Importer: Deleting Imported Orders

We've just pushed an update to EZ Importer that allows you to delete/undo an order import that was successfully imported to Shopify.

When importing orders there are many reasons you may decide you need to remove the orders you've imported. You could have imported your orders with invalid data or you may have run a few tests and want to remove the test orders from you store. In any case we've made it easy for your to remove the orders from your Shopify store.

After you've successfully imported your orders to Shopify, you should see ...

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EZ Exporter: Advanced Date and Time Filters Now Available

We've just pushed an update to EZ Exporter giving our users the ability to filter their reports by multiple date and time fields.

Filtering by date and time is a bit tricky as we have to factor in different date/time formats and timezones. For example, some countries use the format month/day/year (like the US) and others day/month/year (like the UK). To get around this, we had to require our users to enter the date/time in the standard ISO 8601 format to ensure that the date calculations are accurate. For the timezone, we handle ...

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EZ Exporter: Additional Shopify Product Fields and Filters in Order Export

We've recently pushed an update to EZ Exporter to include additional product fields in the Order data exports.

To be able to do this, we had to "join" the product data with the order data. This involves making additional Shopify API calls to pull those product data so this could slow down the report generation quite a bit if you have a lot of orders and products.

The following fields can now be selected in the Order Data Settings' "Fields" section:

  • Lineitem Product Handle (line_items.product.handle)
  • Lineitem Product Type (line_items.product.product_type)
  • Linetem Product Tags (line_items.product.tags ...
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Importing Historical Orders to Shopify

EZ Importer now supports historical orders!

When importing orders with EZ Importer you can now set the "processed_at" date for orders that you've processed in the past. This field allows you to set the date and time the order was imported. This value can be set to any date in the past. After the order is imported Shopify will add the order to your sales/revenue for the date you provided.

When importing orders you may also want to close or archive the order. You can do this with EZ Importer by setting the "closed_at" date. This field allows ...

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EZ Exporter: Function to Get MD5 Hashes of Your Shopify Data is Now Available

We've recently added the md5_hash() function to EZ Exporter. You can use this function in a Calculated Field to get the MD5 hash of your Shopify data.

What's an MD5 hash?

The MD5 hashing algorithm is a one-way hash function (i.e. once a data is hashed, it can't be reversed, in theory) which can be used to verify data integrity or to help mask information such as email addresses.

For example, if you have 2 files, you can easily check whether they're identical by getting their MD5 hash. Even if one of the files just ...

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