EZ Exporter: Option to Never Use Quotes in Shopify CSV Exports

By default, EZ Exporter uses "minimal quoting" when exporting Shopify data to CSV. This means that quotes will only be added to the fields if the data contains characters that could break the CSV parsing, such as line breaks/newline characters or a character that conflicts with the data separator/delimiter.

For example, if you're using semicolons as the delimiter and a field data also contains a semicolon, then this field will be automatically enclosed with quotes when the ...

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Things to Think About Before Choosing a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Provider

Let’s talk logistics.

You’re an ecommerce store, right? So fulfilling orders is at the crux of everything you do. The success of your business hinges upon it. This is something that can make or break you. Having inventory and fulfilling orders is probably just as important as being visible on google, if not more so. I’m willing to argue. It’s utterly paramount to be visible on Google, as I have said many times over, but being ...

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EZ Importer: Line Item Quantity Can No Longer Be Less Than 1

As of October 28, 2018 Shopify will no longer allow you to import orders that have a line item quantity less than 1. They are making the change to ensure consistency throughout their platform as they do not allow orders with a line item quantity of less than 0 to be fulfilled.

In order to comply with the changes we have recently released a new validation rule that throws an error if your order has a line item quantity less ...

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The Google Search Console and How It Can Benefit Your Ecommerce Store

Everyone has heard of Google and almost everyone uses it on a regular basis. “Google it” is a phrase used with increasing frequency, so it would stand to reason that one would want their site to be accessible and optimized to be compatible with Google. Search Engine Optimization is the first step in the process. SEO, in case you didn’t know, is a means of increasing web traffic and visibility within search engines, most particularly Google. Google uses many ...

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Updating Inventory Quantity in Your Shopify Store Using Formulas with EZ Inventory

We've recently pushed an update to our Shopify inventory management app, EZ Inventory, to allow our users to be able to use formulas when setting the inventory quantity of the products in their Shopify store.

This feature was actually requested by one of our customers. In their inventory feed, they needed to subtract the values of two columns and use the difference as the inventory quantity for their Shopify store. The system that generates the data feed for them ...

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