How to Effectively Support Your Customers

In your quest to be the best, a few things can fall by the wayside. When you're trying to make your site visible, when you're trying to increase sales, there's one thing at the base of all of that and you cannot forget that base. Your base is, obviously, your customers. You cannot forget about them. You're probably thinking, "How can I forget my customers? I need them if I want to meet my sales goals." That is not what …

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EZ Exporter: July 2020 Updates

We've been on a roll with updates lately. :)

Below is a list of updates we've pushed out this month to our EZ Exporter app.

Option to overwrite files in Google Drive

In the Export Profile settings, when selecting "Google Drive" as the export destination, you'll now see a new option to overwrite the file if it exists.

Please note that our app can only overwrite files that were originally created by our app.

Please see this blog post for more details. …

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EZ Notify Update: Activate or Deactivate Specific Slack Slash Commands

One of the features of our EZ Notify app is the ability to search the Shopify store directly from Slack using slash commands.

Members of the Slack workspace can basically type in a command with a keyword to search the store's order, product, and customer data and the results will be displayed in Slack.  We had a request recently, however, where the merchant actually wanted to disable this feature completely as she doesn't want her entire team to be able …

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Filter Your Source File Data With EZ Fulfill

Some merchants who use our fulfillment app, EZ Fulfill, have a single file for all of their warehouses or their file may contain orders they don't want fulfilled.  For this reason we've added the ability to filter data from your input file.  

The filter allows you to determine which rows in your file should be read for fulfillment.  You can create multiple filters and determine if you want the rows to match any or all criteria that you specify.  …

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Grow Your Business Using Affiliate Marketing

Some days owning an e-commerce business is easy and others it's very, very hard. So hard, in fact, that you want help in order to acheive the best results. There's nothing wrong with wanting or needing help. The only thing wrong would be if you don't know what kind of help to enlist. For store owners, their help comes in the form of various marketing techniques. Marketing is at the crux of every retail or commerce business structure. One cannot …

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