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EZ Exporter: Function to Strip HTML Tags is Now Available

We've recently gotten this request from one of our customers. He needed a way to export the product description of his products but without the HTML code.

Shopify's own product CSV export includes the HTML code of the product description in a field labeled "Body (HTML)." The Shopify API also only provides the HTML version of the product description.

As a way around this, we've added a new function in EZ Exporter to remove the HTML code for you so you'll have a cleaner-looking CSV file with just the product description text. We called this function ...

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Easily Import Your Shopify Orders from CSV with EZ Importer

We are excited to announce our third shopify app, EZ Importer which we've just released into Beta. It's currently being reviewed by Shopify.

EZ Importer allows you to import custom CSV orders into your shopify store. We hope this app will be useful for new users migrating to shopify or for stores that need to import orders from an external source. Let's walk through how EZ Importer makes importing external orders easy.

Data Mappings

If you've used our EZ Exporter app you'll be familiar with the Data Mappings concept (EZ Exporter calls this Data Settings ...

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EZ Exporter: Order Risk Data Now Available

This feature was recently requested by one of our customers and we thought this could definitely be useful for many of our other customers as well, so we decided to go ahead and add this to EZ Exporter.

Shopify has a built-in risk analysis feature that can help you flag potentially fraudulent orders. For example, a stolen credit card may have been used to place an order on your site and you'd of course wouldn't want to process this order as you would lose money if the original owner of the credit card files a complaint. Banks tend ...

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EZ Exporter: Option to Repeat Row Based on Ordered Quantity

One of our customers needed their CSV exports formatted in a way where a separate copy of a row is created for each item ordered as required by their supplier.

We've actually gotten a similar inquiry in the past. A use case is if each item in the order needs to be shipped out separately. The CSV file can then be used to create the shipping label for each shipment.

It took us some time to decide whether to actually implement this feature as it felt too much of an edge case. But at the same, we do see ...

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EZ Exporter: Transaction Data Now Available

We've recently included transaction data to EZ Exporter. In the Order data settings, you will now see additional transaction-related fields that you can include in your CSV report.

We've added these as one of our customers needed the Authorization Key included in the CSV export. Below is a list of some of the transaction data you can now include:

  • authorization code
  • device ID
  • gateway
  • payment details (such as credit card company, CVV result code, etc.)
  • receipt
  • error code (such as invalid_number, expired_card, card_declined, etc.)

We hope these additional transaction data could help save you time by having them ...

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