EZ Exporter: Backup and Restore Now Available

One of our customers recently contacted us to see if there's an easy way to copy the Data Settings from one Shopify store to another as they were about to create two additional stores and will need the same setup with EZ Exporter.

We can definitely see the pain point of having to re-setup all those settings as some of our customers have pretty complex CSVs with formulas and custom fields. Looking at our data, we actually noticed that ...

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Download Errors In EZ Importer

Working with large imports can be hard and time consuming. When doing large imports there is a good chance you'll run into orders that can't be imported for some reason. Because of this we've built a new feature in EZ Importer that allows you to download your errors, fix them and re-import.

Once your import has finished go to the Import Review page. Here you can view how many of your orders were successfully imported. We also ...

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Additional CSV File Options: "Quoting" and "Line Terminator"

We've recently added two new options to EZ Exporter when exporting your Shopify data to a CSV file: the type of "Quoting" to use and the "Line Terminator" for each row.

EZ Exporter's default for generating a CSV file is pretty standard and works with the majority of other apps and systems out there. However, there are systems that are very specific with how to read a CSV file. We added these options as a couple of our ...

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Export Shopify Fulfillment Events

Shopify's Fulfillment Events are basically the data displayed on the Order Status Page to update customers on the status of their shipment.

With EZ Exporter, you can now export this data to a CSV file. The data is joined with the order data so you can quickly see in one report all the order information associated with each event.

When you go to the Order Data Settings, you will now see a bunch of new selectable fields that start ...

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How to Delete Orders from the Shopify Admin

Deleting orders from the Shopify admin can be a little trickier than you would think. We've had multiple customers ask us if we could help them delete a single order from their store.

The first thing you need to do is mark the order archived or canceled before you can actually delete the order. You can do this by clicking the more actions drop down at the top of the order page. You will see multiple options in the ...

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