New EZ Exporter Templates: Facebook and Pinterest Product Feeds

We've recently added two additional pre-built templates to EZ Exporter:

  • Product Data Feed for Facebook Catalogs
  • Product Data Feed for Pinterest Catalogs

We also have a pre-built template for a Google Shopping Feed available as well.

These two product feed templates are actually quite similar.  Both of these templates already have all the required fields configured and mapped to your Shopify data.

However, you may need to modify it slightly depending on your store's setup.  For example, if you …

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Update Multiple Tracking Numbers with EZ Fulfill

EZ Fulfill allows Shopify merchants to fulfill their orders and update tracking numbers automatically using FTP, SFTP and Dropbox.  With our latest release you can now upload multiple tracking numbers to a single fulfillment.

Many merchants want the flexibility to create a single fulfillment with multiple tracking numbers on their Shopify order.  This allows you to send a single tracking email to your customers with all of their tracking numbers.  Previously EZ Fulfill allowed you to upload multiple tracking numbers only with …

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How to Monetize Your Hobby

It has been said that you should "choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." While some people are able to attain such happiness, that's not always a possibility for others. Most of us wind up turning our passions into a hobby or a simple pasttime. Conversely, we also end up looking for additional ways to bring in money. So why not marry the two? It has probably crossed your mind at one …

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Using Social Media for Support

When you acknowledge the fact that billions of consumers utilize social media in one form or another, it's hard to ignore the role that social media can play in your business. It is likely that, in this day and age, you have some sort of social media presence. You may have been using it for marketing most likely, but if you have only been looking at social media as a means of marketing, you're missing out on additional opportunities. There was …

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EZ Exporter: August 2020 Updates

It's that time of the month again and we're happy to report additional improvements we've made to our EZ Exporter app this month. :)

New servers

We've added 3 new backend servers to our EZ Exporter infrastructure.  Our monthly installs have gone up quite a bit since March and these new servers will ensure that our infrastructure will have sufficient computing capacity to process export tasks in a timely manner as our userbase grows further.

New function: get_value_by_position()

We've added a new …

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