EZ Importer: Obey Inventory Policy When Reducing Inventory

We recently launched a new feature that allows you to obey your inventory's policy when importing orders with EZ Importer. It's a request we've had from many customers who use our inventory management feature when importing orders. Before we launched this feature if you reduced your products inventory on import and that products inventory was 0 the order would still import and still reduce your products inventory bringing it below 0. For many customers this doesn't ...

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Ecommerce Metrics Every Store Owner Should be Using

Sometimes, as a store owner, you can feel like you're floundering. You may not know where to start determining what is the best measurement of the success of your store. Is it enough to simply determine your profit margin? Is that the endgame or is there more to it all? Well, at the very least, I will say operating an e-commerce store is like moving a wheel. There are many moving parts, so monitoring only one spoke on the ...

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Weighing In On Bitcoin

We are in the future.

Where we once had to have physical cash, like the cotton in your wallet or the plastic card which is a physical representation of the money you're borrowing, to do things, we are now seeing a slight turn of events. Something else is trying to take its place. Something we don't physically touch, but exists in the ether. At this point I'm sure many people have heard of cryptocurrency, more importantly, Bitcoin ...

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EZ Inventory: XML Data Feed Support Now Available

We've recently added support for XML data feeds to EZ Inventory. It's a functionality that some of our customers have requested in the past as their suppliers only offer product/inventory feeds in XML format.

With this update, it's now possible to update your Shopify inventory from XML files. You can do a manual file upload or pull the files automatically from an FTP, SFTP, or web server. If your supplier provides a live inventory feed via ...

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EZ Exporter: Removing Non-Numeric Characters From Your Shopify Data

We've recently added a new Calculated Fields function in EZ Exporter for automatically stripping out non-numeric characters: strip_non_numeric_chars()

We've added this as one of our customers needed a way to export phone numbers to CSV containing only the numbers as they needed to import the data into another system that only accepts numbers. Shopify allows certain characters such as parentheses and dashes for phone numbers and this function will clean all these up automatically.

The usage is fairly ...

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