7 Ways to Use Instagram to Market Your Products

In case you were otherwise unaware, Instagram has become a huge marketing giant. So much of a giant, in fact, that its marketing has increased to the tune of 2 million advertisers. While that can seem superfluous and oversaturated, rest assured it's actually pretty good. In fact, Instagram can boast that 75% of all users take action after viewing the post of a business. Coupled with the fact that 50% of all users follow at least one business on Instagram, …

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Update Fulfilled Orders With EZ Fulfill

When automatically fulfilling orders in Shopify you may need to update or replace your tracking numbers on orders that are fulfilled.  As of today, this is now possible with EZ Fulfill.  EZ Fulfill allows you to quickly and automatically mass fulfill your Shopify orders even if they are already marked fulfilled.

By default, we have this feature disabled as overwriting or updating an existing fulfillment can be dangerous.  This will help prevent orders from being updated by mistake.  To enable …

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Automatically Export Your Data From Shopify to Google Sheets With EZ Exporter

A direct Google Sheets integrations is one of our most requested features for EZ Exporter and we're happy to announce that it's finally here!

We've had a Google Drive integration for a long time now where our users can automatically export a CSV or Excel file to a Google Drive folder.  However, we have customers who use Google Sheets heavily and prefer to have all the data they need in the same spreadsheet.

With this update, you can now do the …

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How to Create a CSV or Excel Direct Download Link in Google Sheets

As a Google Sheets user, you've probably already used the option to download the entire spreadsheet into an Excel file or a specific sheet/tab as a CSV/TSV file (under File > Download).

Did you know that you can actually create a URL that will do this for you automatically?  This way, you can share this direct download URL with others or just create a shortcut on your browser that you can click so you can auto-export the data to CSV/TSV or Excel without having …

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Fulfill Orders From Multiple Locations Using EZ Fulfill

EZ Fulfill now allows you to fulfill your orders from multiple locations using your CSV or Excel file.  When we originally launched EZ Fulfill we supported multiple locations as long as they were in separate files.  This meant you could create a Data Feed for each location as we assumed each fulfillment center would send their own file. 

After speaking with many of our customers, we realized this isn't always the case.  Now you can fulfill your orders from multiple locations, …

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