Shopify Tip: How to Retrieve Product Images in Different Sizes Via the Image URL

Did you know that you can specify the image dimensions of your Shopify product images via its URL?  This could come in handy for generating product feeds that require specific image dimensions.

For example, you may need to generate a product feed that requires a field for the image thumbnail URL.  Instead of re-uploading the thumbnail version of the images, you can actually just add a width and height parameter directly in the original full image URL.

To demonstrate this, …

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Adding Gift Orders to Your Shopify Store

During the holiday season a lot of merchants give gifts to employees, clients and VIP customers.  This is a great way to say thank you and show gratitude during the season.  When giving gifts you may want to send them through your normal fulfillment process, which means you have to add your gift orders to your Shopify store.  Below we'll walk you through one way to add gift orders to your Shopify store.

Manually Adding Gift Orders To Your Shopify Store …

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EZ Notify: Slack Granular Permissions Now Available

We've just pushed an update to EZ Notify to use granular permissions for new installs.

This update allows our app to only request the minimal set of permissions required for our app to function, improving security.

All new installations will use granular permissions by default.  If you already have our app installed in your workspace, we recommend removing it from Slack and re-connecting it to enable granular permissions.

Switching to Granular Permissions

To switch over an existing installation to granular …

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EZ Exporter: October 2020 Updates

This will probably be the last set of new features we'll be pushing this year for EZ Exporter as we're basically now in "maintenance mode" for the holiday shopping season.

To minimize the risks of potentially introducing new bugs during the busiest time of the year for ecommerce, we're going to hold off on bigger updates until early January. We plan to only push very minor, low risk updates (such as minor UI tweaks) in the upcoming two months.

Below are some …

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Mark Orders Paid With EZ Fulfill

We're excited to announce that you can now mark your Shopify orders paid when fulfilling orders with EZ Fulfill.  This has been on our road map since we launched and we think this will help merchants who need to automatically fulfill their orders on Shopify.

Many Shopify merchants capture payment using a third party and have the order flow into Shopify.  This means Shopify may authorize the payment but the payment isn't actually taken in Shopify.  The payment may even be marked …

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