Generating a Google Shopping Feed From Your Shopify Data

These last couple of weeks, we've gotten requests from some of our customers to help them set up a Google Shopping product data feed using our EZ Exporter app. I guess it makes sense as it's now the holiday shopping season and Shopify merchants are looking for ways to increase their revenue.

It's actually not as simple as it may seem as some fields have very specific requirements in the format and it's not always obvious ...

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5 Ecommerce Podcasts Every Store Owner Should Listen To

Podcasts are the wave. They are an innovative and simple way to gather or disseminate information. As an up and coming ecommerce site owner, podcasts are a great resource to have. They generally feature experts and contain interviews that shed light on vital information that you may not have considered.

Blogs and books are fantastic, but you can’t exactly read while you’re driving, walking, or doing some other mobile task that requires you to keep your eyes ahead ...

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EZ Inventory: Faster Updates of the Product Listing Page with Shopify Webhooks

We've recently implemented listening to Shopify webhooks in our app EZ Inventory. This allows our app to capture the changes from your Shopify store almost instantly (usually within just a few seconds of the change).

For example, if you change the SKU or barcode of a variant via the Shopify admin, the Shopify API will notify our servers of this change so that variant record can be updated with the latest data in our database as well.

We've ...

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EZ Importer: Built-In Data Mapping Templates Now Available

We're excited to announce our latest feature for EZ Importer, built-in templates! If you're a user of our CSV exporter app, EZ Exporter, than you're probably familiar with how much time this feature will save you.

To use the new feature click the Data Mapping Templates option from the left navigation bar. From here you can select a template based on what platform you're importing from. Each template was built based on the CSV export of ...

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5 Ecommerce Tips for Connecting With Millennials

Millennials are the largest generation in American history according to Forbes. That’s a great marketing opportunity. As they are the largest generation, they will also be comprising the bulk of commerce in our present day and age. They have been reshaping our economy and culture to the tune of technology and convenience. If you’re a burgeoning ecommerce site, you’ll want to keep that little tidbit in mind when it comes to shaping your site. To neglect this ...

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