How can I create a hyper link from my order line items to the correct product in the Shopify admin?

When importing an order you can create a link from the order's line item to the product in the Shopify admin by providing the products id and variant id or by the product SKU. We recommend you link by Product SKU if possible. So let's start there...

To link your product by SKU, you'll need to "turn" the feature on in your Imports data mapping. You can find the configuration option in the Custom Configurations section.

Link Product By SKU

Once you've clicked the Link product by SKU checkbox, click the Save/Update button at the bottom of the Data Mapping page. Ensure you have also selected the product sku field in your data mapping. Once you've done this you can add the product sku on each line item and EZ Importer will look the line items by SKU.

Select SKU

Note that you will need to ensure your product SKU numbers are unique. This is not enforced by Shopify and if you have multiple products with the same SKU EZ Importer could link the incorrect product. To read more about this you can look at our documentation.

What if I don't have a product SKU?

In order to map your product by the product id and variant id you need to enable the field mapping on the "Line Items" tab in your Data Mapping.

Don't forget to update the "Header Name" values to match the column name in your input file. Once you've made these changes save your "Data Mapping".

After you've successfully uploaded your orders you should see a link in the Shopify admin to the product on your imported order.

To find the product id for your product go to the product page in the Shopify admin. Look at the url for that product, the last value in the url is the product id. You can do the same with the variant id. Click the "Edit" button on the variant for your product which will bring you to the variant page. You can find the variant id in the url. It's also the last value in the url.

App: EZ Importer

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