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We use this app to help reconcile our vendor invoices versus those of fulfilled items in the Shopify site and general reporting. At first it didn't quite do what we needed automatically so we needed to dump extra data and manually filter it down for what lines were fulfilled but Jonathan, one of the Co-Founders and Developers, answered my support request ticket personally. In a matter of a week or two they added the Line Level Last Fulfillment date so we can set it up as a filter. This will still require testing but alone shows the level of customer service and response time of their team. As a data export tool, we've been using it for a few weeks and it works great, we're excited to see what other things this app can do for us to help automate the extract of data from our Shopify Store to our main report suite.

So far so good! Really appreciate their willingness to help and response time!

Thank you for filling in where the platform's native capabilities fall short. It took me about five minutes to set my import up and read a couple FAQs. Now, it should take thirty seconds to drag a CSV in daily and fulfill dozens of orders properly with tracking number/courier name/URL. Thank you very much!

Fantastic app for importing data easily from other ordering platforms. I imported all my old orders from Celery and will be importing orders from Amazon as well as old manual invoices from Xero. Now my customers can see ALL their orders in Shopify and my reports can go back further in time.

Developer is super responsive and fixed many issues that surfaced during my first import. If you have old orders (or even new orders) that were placed in systems other than Shopify this is a great tool for moving them into Shopify.

This is a fantastic app with great features! Custom and calculated fields get us the exact order exports that we need delivered to FTP for our back-end system to pick up. We couldnt have asked for more.

But wait it gets better.

We experienced an issue due to some high volume coming through our site and the developer responded immediately and worked on a fix for us over the weekend.

I am very impressed with this app and its developers and look forward to using this app for a long time to come.

EZ Exporter is an impressive app with loads of capability that gets us the data we need in the formats that we want. It is a critical part of our business and we are very impressed with the team at Highview Apps and the quality of work that they have put forth in this app.

very efficient and very versatile app. In a short time I was able to customize the feeds that with other apps was unthinkable.
Fast and decisive assistance service.
All perfect.
App very recommended for those who need to do custom feeds.

EZ Exporter review by SEFHT

EZ Importer is the best import app in Shopify Store - it made our campaign more successful. And not only that, EZ Importer has a great support! The co-founder was very hands on in dealing with our situation.
More success to you guys!

EZ Importer review by Baabuk

Since opening my store in 2014, I have had horrendous experiences with FTP importers. I switched to EZ Inventory yesterday and they found an issue immediately. Instead of making it my problem, they brought it to my attention and fixed it immediately. This app is performing exactly as they stated it would. Kudos for a great experience and a wonderful contact person in Jonathan. Looking forward to a long and productive relationship.

We had a huge number of orders to import from a diversity of sources. This could've been a huge headache with lots of opportunities for mistakes, but EZ Importer made quick work of it, and Ralph was *exceptional in his support, even creating the first mapping for us and explaining each step and potential 'gotchas' along the way. His responses were always clear, articulate, and thorough — and incredibly fast! No brainer to use this for our imports going forward. Great software, great support.

Great app with AMAZING support. I have request several feature suggestions and they are accepted and implemented quickly. Thanks!

We used this app to help us keep inventory counts from our 3rd party logistics center in sync with our web store. It worked out exactly as described and has been working flawlessly since we installed it. The built in error handling gives accurate descriptions of any issues, and the support is incredible. The developers got back to us almost instantly to answer our questions, and went above and beyond to add a feature request. If you are looking to sync inventory on a scheduled basis from a flat file, stop here and install this app!

Let me preface this with, I do not usually write reviews.

We use the EZ Notify app for order notifications through our Slack channel. Recently, an update to the app was made resulting in customer email addresses no longer being displayed in the notification
(a feature we uniquely rely on). I reached out to Support and fully expected to receive an automated "Thanks for your message..." email, but instead received an email from Jonathan (co-founder/developer). He acknowledged there was indeed an update resulting in the email address not being displayed, offered to put in a support ticket to resolve, provided an expected timeline, and promised to contact me again with an update once it was resolved.

And here I am, writing this review less than 24 hours later to share that our issue was resolved.

We all have our own set of expectations when we install third-party apps, especially free ones. We tend not to expect they will work perfectly for all needs, but work well enough to meet most of them. When we encounter stumbling blocks, we also tend to work around them, not expecting change or customization.

Working with Jonathan/Highview Apps was a refreshing experience. The level of service received was top-notch and I'm both thankful and impressed.

This app was great in helping us import our crowdfunding orders for tracking in Shopify! Their customer service is AMAZING - quick and super helpful!

This app is exceptional - it requires a really fine understanding of the details, but you should care about that if you're doing something serious like importing orders.

Even more importantly, the support is amazing. I worked with multiple people when dealing with a complicated migration and found them to be knowledgeable and willing to help. Huge fan.

Really can't speak highly enough of the support provided, the app and its functionality. Johnathan is an absolute legend. I emailed him a few questions about some functions we needed in one of the templates and to see if these were even possible. Without us asking, he created a custom csv with all of the features I asked about. He then spent several days tweaking the csv as we tested it out, until it was 100% perfect. Above and beyond customer support and service. After speaking to Shopify support and being told that they wouldn't be able to do what we needed, we were recommended a different app by a dev. We tried it out, but it couldn't create the format required, we asked if their support team could make the changes and were told they couldn't do it. Ez Exporter did it! 100% recommend using the Ez Exporter app for exporting Shopify data.

Very robust feature set with several integration options, several file format options, and an easy intuitive user interface. Processed several large files very quickly. No complaints - solid product that does what it says, and does it well.

The first time using this App and it has been so useful to import orders!

Highly recommend, very easy to use and understand and the customer service is very friendly and prompt at getting back to you

I wanted to import my Kickstarter orders onto Shopify for ease of order management. I liked the fact that I could test upload and delete the files easily to make sure I have correctly imported all the fields. Would definitely recommend it. You don't lose credits when you do a test upload. So all in all great!!

I had a huge task ahead to export all product links with all smart and manual collections in order to properly create a list of 301 redirects. Jonathan solved my problem geniously easy. Thank you!

Amazingly powerful and easy to use. Lets you make full use of your data ANYWHERE outside of Shopify. Excellent support team for questions and requested enhancements.

First Shopify review I ever left: EZ Importer rocks!! There are some really great minds behind it. Well done guys!

EZ Importer review by VVandr

This app and the customer service has been top notch. For those that are migrating from Magento, this app is as close to Xtento Order exports as you can get to help with translating order fields, scheduling, etc - I did not find another app that came close.
Jonathan answered every question we had and was huge help in getting us launch ready. Huge props, a big thank you and I highly recommend.

Excellent app & brilliant support from Jonathan! Perfect for generating product feeds for different marketplaces & affiliate networks!

Amazing app.....It has improved our productivity so much and made our order management process more seamless. Thank you Highview Apps.

EZ Notify review by Azarai

After spending days and days trying to export my shopify data into a worksheet that I could then bring into MyRegistry I found myself incredibly frustrated. Unneccesary data was taking over my worksheet. I called Shopify and learned about this app. I was able to send Jonathan the template needed for MyRegistry and it was amazing!!!!!! Totally eliminateed the data base import issue that took up at least 8-10 hours of my time!

We need to publish our store inventory every 15 minutes to an external source. Setting this up and ensuring the data was accurate was extremely simple. I needed a little help with some of the field calculations and their support was first class.

We have been using this app to a very full extent for almost a year now and I must say, its the best customer service that we have gotten from any Shopify app available.
Always timely, always helpful and we asked A LOT for a company of our scale (+20 different e-mail sessions)
Very recommended, very happy with it.

EZ Exporter review by Normod

I've tried all of them - nothing comes close to this one. I'm amazed by the functionality of this app and the help and assistance that i got from Jonathan.
We are able to schedule automated exports directly into our inventory system. The options for customizing and recalculating fields are almost endless.

EZ Exporter review by Skywall

Thank you for the great app and assistance. I've used other apps for exporting data before. They are good apps too. But this is cheaper than others and easier than others. Sometime it took long time to download files using other apps. You don't nee to waste time for downloading with this app.

This app is amazing! Instead of pulling multiple reports and then synthesizing the data we need into one; with EZ exporter, we're able to create custom reports which satisfy critical operational and reporting needs and which can be automated to be delivered to our inboxes on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed basis. Their templates are a great too, and the customer service is awesome! They've actually proactively reached out to provide me support and have also quickly implemented new data fields in response to our information needs. One of my favorite Shopify apps by far!

Amazing App! Wonderful customer support! This will save us countless hours of manual work each week. I love the flexibility of writing custom formulas. Very intuitive interface and the developer Jonathan quickly answered all my questions. He even reached out along the way as I was setting things up to make sure everything was working out for us well. We were up and running in literally minutes. I wish this company all the success in the world as they surely have made my job easier. Thank you!

Fantastic customer service! I submitted an inquiry Friday evening, and had a response early Saturday morning. Amazing! The reply was helpful and detailed - above and beyond my expectations.

We use this app to manage 6 sites and are drilled by how efficient, well built and useful it is. Most importantly, the support is excellent. I get quick very helpful replies from the team who put in all effort to resolve any issues you may have.

Major time saver. We import hundreds of orders a week from CSVs and as long as the files are formatted to map correctly, the system imports them at about 1 order every 2 seconds. If I had to import the orders manually, it would easily take 2 minutes per order.

Also must say that the customer service is great!

I am so happy I found this app. It allows you to customize everything yourself and it works perfectly. Support is super fast and super helpful.
Other export apps we tried were not reliable and had very slow support.

The company also has many other apps, such as eznotify which is very useful with slack integration and slash commands. One of the few companies that creates superb shopify apps.

10/10 would recommend

This works great for us. It was super easy to setup and you can setup various triggers. It allows us as a team to be aware of all orders coming through to our store without having to have the Shopify app installed on our phones.

You can expect ROCK STAR support from these folks. Their product is great and their service if fantastic!

This app functions great! Export functionality for FTP/email work exactly like you'd want them to. There are a TON of data points you can export from orders so I can't imagine there would be any data you need that isn't exportable. We even needed a couple of extra data points extracted that we weren't originally able to and the support team listened to this request and made the change to their app within a week or two!!
Great team, great product! They strive to achieve the best customer experience possible and it shows! Will definitely be using Highview App products in the future!

Fantastic app! I used the included 'Shopify to Shopify' template to import data from an old Shopify store, and it worked perfectly. I had to perform some custom mapping in order to import customer data and order data from an old WooCommerce store - but after several test imports and some tweaking, successfully imported Woo, too. Pricing is straightforward and seems like a great value. Thanks for the great app!

Fantastic app to easily extract the info I need from Shopify orders. Much more flexible than native Shopify Export. Also a great way to automate reports. This is saving me time every day from manual reports that I used to send to suppliers. Support is also super responsive and helpful if I had a question. 5 stars!

We tested some other reporting apps in Shopify but this is the best we used so far. It's usability and performance is way better than the others. Also the customer support is very helpful. They solved our problems in 95% of cases within 2 days.

I'm blown away with this app and the team supporting it. I had a struggle getting a report to pull right with some calculated fields and the support team noticed my issue before I even had time to reach out and ask for their assistance. They sent me the right info I needed and then also said they tested it and it's working in their test environment. Wow!!! We're still only a couple months in with them and I'm loving it! Great price for the value.

I use EZ Exporter to pull custom and templated reports so I can more easily get my data out of Shopify in a better format. There are certain data points I can't get out of Shopify that this app solves for me.

As both a Shopify Partner and a Shopify Plus store owner, I've had experience with well over 100 different Shopify apps by different developers. I rarely leave reviews, but the team at Highview Apps that created the excellent EZ Exporter app deserve to have a light shone on them.

The app itself is fantastic for anyone that has data export needs beyond what is available natively from Shopify. I tested them all prior to choosing EZ Exporter for our solution and found that it was superior in every comparable metric: configurability, conditional logic, scheduling and automation features.

There are a ton of standard data templates out of the box within the app that will be plug and play for most users, but for those like us that require a fully custom solution to fit the bill of your exported data needs, the sheer configurability afforded by the filters, formulas and conditional logic makes this app a true toolkit that can be configured to your specific needs versus one that needs to be shoehorned in to fit.

One of the often overlooked areas for app users that have complex non-standard usage needs is the quality of support materials. This is an area where the group at Highview Apps really shines. The depth and breath of their online documentation and knowledge base really stands out from the pack. It really shows that they have invested a considerable amount of their time and energy into their product which is a huge bonus for businesses looking for a long-term solution that will be supported for years to come.

When it comes to their support, it has exceeded my expectations at every opportunity. Our initial setup proved too complex for our internal team as we attempted to slice and dice non-standard data to fit specific output parameters. An email to their support netted a quick response from Jonathan who is both a co-founder and developer. He attacked our unique request with enthusiasm and was able to provide a configured export report that was exactly what we needed.

As a further testament to their superior support, they recently proactively reached out to us when they started seeing an error in our daily export. Before I even had the opportunity to reach out to request their assistance with troubleshooting an arcane data encoding issues caused by our stores unique data, they contacted me to let us know they noticed an issue and were working on a fix which they then had in place in less than 12 hours. I've never experienced this level of dedication from a 3rd party Shopify app before.

If you have actually read this far into this review then one of the last things on your due diligence list is probably vetting the affordability. For us and I'm sure most other users, the time savings created by the automation features of this app make it a no-brainer. We have set up a daily report that gets used by multiple teams within our organization. This report had previously taken multiple hours each day to generate by hand out of Shopify. The time savings in staff hours created by the apps automation of this tedious task more than pays for itself each and every day.

I can not recommend this app and the developers at Highview Apps enough. If you have data export needs and are still on the fence about which solution to choose, let me save you some time by recommending you put EZ Exporter at the top of your list and give it a try. You won't be disappointed!

Mike Schmalbach

This is probably the most valuable app we use in our store to date. The developer is also very responsive.

Great App. I get updated inventory lists from my vendors every 10 minutes. With this app I can automatically update my Shopify inventory across several warehouses automatically. I create a CSV file every 10 minutes and EZ Inventory automatically uploads it to Shopify. Perfect APP!

Great app and great service. Makes exporting different types of reports very easy. Everything is customizable so you can make the report exactly how you need it. We use it to export orders reports for different suppliers, each in its own format. It saves us plenty of valuable time everyday.

EZ Exporter review by TheMHZ

This app is fantastic! You can export practically anything. The best part for us is being able to export calculated values. You can use all kinds of arithmetic and logical calculations. I had to ask support for help with a few formulas and setup questions and found them responsive, helpful and accurate. Very happy, highly recommend

This app is really awesome! I lost so much time to manually add tracking numbers in my store. Now, it's done in 2 clicks. So many working hours saved. Thanks Guys and awesome support!

We used EZ Importer to get existing orders over to Shopify - it's a pretty straightforward tool and did exactly what we needed. It did take a few attempts to upload the first couple batches, but once we got the data mapping down, it was easy. Definitely recommend!

This is an excellent App out of the box and there is also quick, useful support for custom requirements.

Awesome app that works perfectly and amazing customer service. They went far out of their way to help us adapt the software to fulfill pre-orders that were over 60 days old. It saved us a ton of time entering tracking numbers.

Thanks team-- you guys are great!

Basically every single report within the company is built on this app.
Definitely one of the best -if not the best- tools that we use.
They are always super helpful with our queries and always reply within the day.

EZ Exporter review by Starfan

easy to set up , get the order in real time ( even faster than the shopify mobile app ), no fee ask .
Everything i like, no bullshit, easy set up, no hidden fee.

EZ Notify review by Cabaiashop

Three reasons to use EZ Importer:

-1- Handles HUGE amounts of data easily

-2- Is CLEAR and fast to understand

-3- Amazing responsive customer support

-1- My story: I imported 3.5 years' worth of data from a previous platform (Teachable). That was about 31,000 transactions. This only took a few hours.

-2- My story: setting up the headers on the CSV file was the greatest challenge. This app makes it easy to understand what Shopify NEEDS to get as input for data. Really clear. The little help bubbles were very useful.

-3- Sent an email on Friday night, got a reply less than 12 hours later, on Saturday morning. enough said! :)

I did try multiple times to import 10 transactions "as a test" to correctly format my data and uncover errors. This app gives you 50 free transactions to import.

So I believed I had "five good shots" at getting my data right then was to pay. But nope. Once I tried 10 transactions and then deleted those 10 imports, the app would "CREDIT ME BACK" the transactions. That's fantastic!

thanks a lot!

Marc-Andre Seguin

I used this app to help import my orders and customers from our old store which was hosted on GoDaddy's GoCentral online stores. The support from EZ Importer was INCREDIBLE. Super responsive and thorough and I highly recommend this app!

I was testing this app during the trial period to capture order processing time and "Click to Bell" performance. I reached out to support and was blown away with the comprehensive response with examples and reference links. We are very excited to leverage this app moving forward based on all of the predetermined fields it captures plus the flexibility to develop custom fields.
Lastly if the support I received during the first day of the free trial is an indication of what's to come, Highview is the best app developer I've ever come across.

EZ Exporter review by GlobeIn

This app has been incredible for importing shopify data into google sheets at regular intervals. Support is extremely helpful and quick to respond. If you find yourself downloading reports from shopify several times per day, this app is for you.

Great app, instructions were easy to follow and did exactly what it said it would. We needed to import 20,000+ orders from WooCommerce and EZ Importer handled them like a well-oiled machine. The data-mapping process was actually a lot easier than many other apps I have used, and there are plenty of configuration options.
Support was great as well, the founder reached out after an I had an error deleting some test imports to make sure everything was going ok.
5 stars, highly recommend.

We used this app to move our client lists over from an existing very old website. It took a few attempts since they titled the data very differently but with the developer's help, we were able to successfully mover over a lot of data. We would highly recommend it.

I would give the staff 6 stars if I could. I use both EZ Importer and EZ Exporter to map data through Shopify to create invoices and automation scripts. These apps are THE best interface for mapping I've found.

Easy to use and best support so far on Shopify!
I recommend this app for anyone interested in saving time doing exports.
Keep up the good work!!

I needed to transfer my customers and orders from one Shopify store to another, and EZ Importer gave me exactly what I was looking for! In addition, Ralph (co-founder and developer) was extremely responsive and helpful in answering any questions I had along the way. Strongly recommended!

This app was fantastic to help me import my orders from Kickstarter to Shopify! I looked around quite a bit for an app that would work well and was extremely thankful to have used EZ Importer. Also, the support team ROCKS! Thank you for making my life so much easier!!