EZ Importer: Multiple Transactions Now Available

We've recently released a feature that allows you to add multiple transactions to EZ Importer. Now when you import your transaction data you can add up to 5 transactions with each import.

To add multiple transactions go to the data mapper and click the transactions tab. At the bottom of the tab you'll see a button that says "Add Transaction Row".

When you click this button you'll be able to map another set of transaction columns. After you add …

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Importing Transaction Data with EZ Importer

We've recently pushed an update to EZ Importer which allows you to import Transaction data when importing orders. With the initial release you will be able to import the following transaction fields:

  1. Amount
  2. Gateway (This is the gateway in which the transaction was issued. A list of transaction gateways can be found on Shopify's Payment Gateway page).
  3. Status (valid values are: pending, failure, success or error).
  4. Kind (the kind of transaction. Valid values are: authorization, capture, sale, void or refund) …
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