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Connect to Your Slack Account

Once you have slacky installed you will be brought to our home page which will allow you to install our slack application. You can also register events you want posted into the slack room of your choosing.

To install our slack app you can click on the “Add to Slack” button on the top of our home page.

Once you click on the “Add to Slack” button you will be redirected to At this point you will be presented with a set of options and slack will ask if "Slacky by Highview Apps" can access your slack account.

Select which channel you would like "Slacky" to post to. You simply click the “Post to” dropdown and pick the channel you would like us to send messages to.

After you have selected a room to “Post to” the Authorize button will be activated. At this point you can click the Authorize button which will redirect you back to the slacky home page. You will now be able to configure which events you want to send to your slack channel.

Register Events

Registering for events is pretty simple. You will see a dropdown menu that lists all events we allow you to register for. You will only see events that you are not currently registered for. Simply select the event you want to be sent to slack and click the "Add Event" button.

Once you select the event you would like to register for you simply click the “Add” button. You will see a message letting you know your event has been registered and you will now see an entry in the “Your Registered Events” table.

Change your Slack Channel

If you want to change the slack channel after you've registered, you can do so by clicking the change button below the “Your Slack Channel” heading. This will bring you back to the connect to slack page. Here you can select the channel to “post to” and click Authorize.