How to Create a Shareable Shopify Product Feed Using Dropbox and EZ Exporter

Creating a Shopify product feed that can be shared with a third-party is one of the more common uses for our app, EZ Exporter.

Our app can do an automated data export to CSV or Excel format as frequently as every 15 minutes. We have customers that export the product feeds to an FTP server, SFTP server, and even to an Amazon S3 bucket. Using an FTP/SFTP server or an Amazon S3 bucket requires someone more technical, however. Often …

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Fulfill Your Shopify Orders with Dropbox

We're excited to announce our first Integration, Dropbox! You can now fulfill your Shopify orders from your Dropbox account. Our Dropbox integration works similar to our FTP/SFTP service where you can manually fulfill your orders or set them up on a schedule.

We use Dropbox here at Highview Apps ourselves for sharing all kinds of files. It makes our workflow much more efficient by not relying on email to share files. You can install Dropbox on pretty much any device, …

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