Fulfill Your Shopify Orders with Dropbox

We're excited to announce our first Integration, Dropbox! You can now fulfill your Shopify orders from your Dropbox account. Our Dropbox integration works similar to our FTP/SFTP service where you can manually fulfill your orders or set them up on a schedule.

We use Dropbox here at Highview Apps ourselves for sharing all kinds of files. It makes our workflow much more efficient by not relying on email to share files. You can install Dropbox on pretty much any device, so this allows you to instantly access your reports on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

With Dropbox you can easily fulfill orders from a CSV file found in any of your Dropbox folders. This way you can manually drop files to your folder or have a partner move files to a specified folder which EZ Fulfill can then read. This integration makes automation allot easier since you don't have to worry about setting up and managing an FTP or SFTP server. Configuring EZ Fulfill with your Dropbox account is easy. Once you link your account, all you have to do is setup a Data Feed and select Dropbox as the Feed Type.

Configure Your Dropbox Account Using Our Data Feed FormThen you can select the Dropbox account you want to use and setup the path you want EZ Fulfill to read from.

You can also connect multiple Dropbox accounts, and since EZ Fulfill supports multiple data feeds, you can have different feeds configured to use different Dropbox folders or accounts and use different schedules.

If you don't already have Dropbox, you can create a free account here. The free account gives you 2GB of space, which is plenty of space to store your fulfillments.

If you want to dig more into how this feature works, you can read our full documentation on it here.

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