EZ Importer's Predefined CSV Templates Now Support Fulfilled and Unfulfilled Orders

In order to help get you started, EZ Importer has a set of predefined templates for merchants not migrating from another platform or Shopify store.  Previously, when importing orders using these templates, the orders would always be marked fulfilled.  We've recently updated the templates to work with Fulfilled and unfulfilled orders, or you can map your fulfillment status.

Selecting Your Fulfillment Status

Our predefined templates do the data mapping for you and allow you to download the CSV file with the mapped columns.  We've heard from many merchants asking if the templates support unfulfilled orders, which they did, but required the merchant to update the data mapping.  This caused some confusion, so we've updated the templates to work with the three fulfillment types mentioned above.

The templates are configured for the fulfillment tab you click.  We've set up our most popular import types when merchants are not importing orders from another platform or Shopify store.  This new update makes getting started with the kind of fulfillment status you need much more effortless.  You can read our complete documentation on the feature here.

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