How to Give Your Staff Permission to Install Apps and Approve App Charges on Your Shopify Store

Shopify supports very granular permissions that can be given to individual staff accounts.  This is a really good way to improve security as you can limit each staff's access to only those parts of the Shopify Admin that are necessary to do their job.

As app developers, we sometimes get questions when a member of a merchant's team can't install or approve app charges, preventing them from using our app.

Most of our apps use recurring subscriptions via the Shopify Billing …

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How to Reference the Current Row in Google Sheets Formulas

Google Sheets has an INDIRECT function that lets users use relative row references in formulas.

For example, instead of using a formula like =A2+B2, you can replace the row numbers with a variable referencing the current row.  This way, you don't have to worry about whether the references for the current row are correct if your formula only deals with data in the current row.

This is particularly useful if you're pushing the formula to …

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Duplicate Your Orders Using The Shopify Admin

Duplicating a single Shopify Order is pretty straight forward and we think done most efficiently using the Shopify admin.  It works with the click of a few buttons and you can review the order before performing the duplication.

Duplicate From The Order Admin

To duplicate your orders, you need to first navigate to the order you want to duplicate.  At the time of this writing, Shopify doesn't have a way to duplicate orders in bulk or from the list page.  …

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How to Change CSV File Encoding to UTF-8 with Google Sheets

When opening a file in Excel or LibreOffice, you may notice some characters don't display properly.  This can be frustrating, and feel overwhelming but we've found a pretty easy fix that we think can help you get this figured out. 

One way to solve this problem is to ensure your file is encoding in UTF-8.  This can get tricky as tools like Excel and LibreOffice have many different versions, so figuring out where the settings are can be confusing.

We've …

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Shopify Tip: How to Add Metafields to Products and Variants Without Using an App

Shopify has supported Metafields for a long time now but there was no option to manage them directly via the Shopify Admin so merchants often had to use third-party apps to add/update metafields.

A recent update takes care of this where Shopify merchants can now manage metafields directly from the Shopify Admin wihout the need of an app or writing custom code to interact with the API.

Metafields allow merchants to attach additional attributes to resources such as products, variants, and …

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