Shopify Tip: How to Quickly Get a Count of Records in the Shopify Admin

When viewing records in the Shopify admin, you might notice that most of the pages don't show you how many total records are there.

One way to figure out the number of records is to do a CSV export, but this could be annoying as you usually have to wait for the CSV file in the email, unzip the attachment, open the file, and then look at the rows.

Luckily, there's a quicker and easier way to get this by ...

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EZ Exporter: Removing Non-Numeric Characters From Your Shopify Data

We've recently added a new Calculated Fields function in EZ Exporter for automatically stripping out non-numeric characters: strip_non_numeric_chars()

We've added this as one of our customers needed a way to export phone numbers to CSV containing only the numbers as they needed to import the data into another system that only accepts numbers. Shopify allows certain characters such as parentheses and dashes for phone numbers and this function will clean all these up automatically.

The usage is fairly simple. For ...

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Export UTM Parameters From Your Shopify Order Data to CSV With EZ Exporter

One way to keep track of how well your marketing campaigns are doing is by using UTM parameters. Our app EZ Exporter now supports a function for extracting individual UTM parameters and place them in separate columns in the CSV file to make it easier for you to analyze the data.

UTM parameters are basically just these additional strings that you add at the end of a URL in the format of key=value so you can parse them later ...

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Instagram Shoppable Posts and You

The internet sure does like to make things easy. Particularly, Instagram makes things easy. Instagram is an ecommerce store owner’s best friend and it is a huge platform to spread your ecommerce business. Almost everyone is on Instagram and it’s not surprising why─it’s great for enjoying some visually stunning pieces of photography. Because the social media giant is an expert at using the visual senses to grasp one’s attention, it takes advertising and marketing to an entirely different level. It’s ...

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Generating a Google Shopping Feed From Your Shopify Data

These last couple of weeks, we've gotten requests from some of our customers to help them set up a Google Shopping product data feed using our EZ Exporter app. I guess it makes sense as it's now the holiday shopping season and Shopify merchants are looking for ways to increase their revenue.

It's actually not as simple as it may seem as some fields have very specific requirements in the format and it's not always obvious which field in the ...

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