EZ Exporter Update: Amazon S3 Integration Now Supports Custom Endpoints for S3-Compatible Storage Services

We had a Shopify merchant using our EZ Exporter app recently asked us about exporting data to a cloud storage service which happens to be S3-compatible.

In the past, merchants that have used our Amazon S3 integration have always had their own AWS account, so we actually didn't know about this use case where other cloud storage providers offer their own storage service built on top of S3 and compatible with the S3 API.

With this new update, we added an option …

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EZ Exporter Update: Personal Access Tokens Support for the Airtable API

For a long time, Airtable has supported access to their API via a single API Key per account.  The API Key gives full access to all the user's tables and bases.

The downside of this approach, of course, is security and key management.  Some apps may just need read access, but there was no way to generate a read-only key previously.  Also, if multiple apps are using the same API Key, revoking/renewing the key will affect all of them.

Airtable has recently added …

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Automatically Export Data From Shopify to Airtable With EZ Exporter

EZ Exporter now supports an Airtable integration!

This update will allow Shopify merchants to push their data from Shopify directly to an existing base and table in Airtable.

In the app, you just need to add your Airtable API key and select "Airtable" under Destination > Type in the Export Profile settings:

The following actions are supported:

Append records to table

This will simply insert new records at the end of the table.

Overwrite entire table with new records

This …

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