Automatically Export Data From Shopify to Airtable With EZ Exporter

EZ Exporter now supports an Airtable integration!

This update will allow Shopify merchants to push their data from Shopify directly to an existing base and table in Airtable.

In the app, you just need to add your Airtable API key and select "Airtable" under Destination > Type in the Export Profile settings:

The following actions are supported:

Append records to table

This will simply insert new records at the end of the table.

Overwrite entire table with new records

This will delete all records in the specified table and new records will then be created based on the newly exported data.

Update values of existing records

This will update existing records in the specified table with new values.  Only fields included in the export will be updated. 

For example, if you have 100 fields in Airtable and only 5 in EZ Exporter, then only those 5 fields selected in EZ Exporter will be updated in Airtable and the remaining 95 will remain untouched.

When selecting this action, you will also be provided with an additional input called "Search fields" where you can specify which column(s) to use for matching up records in Airtable with the records exported by EZ Exporter.

For example, if your table in Airtable has an "Order ID" field and the EZ Exporter Data Settings also includes this field, then you can specify "Order ID" here.  This will be used to do a lookup against your Airtable records to figure out which specific records to update.

Below is a sample of how this works in the app.  You can see Airtable getting updated live as the Shopify product data is being pushed to it.

You can schedule EZ Exporter to push data to Airtable automatically as frequently as every 15 minutes.  This is a good way to keep your Shopify data in Airtable up to date.

Airtable is a very flexible tool that lets you organize and visualize your data in different ways.  If you're already using Airtable to help manage your Shopify store, we hope this integration will prove valuable.

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