EZ Importer: Now Displaying 90 Days of History

EZ Importer now allows you to view/delete the last 90 days of Imported Orders. This was previously set to 60 days but we've had customers ask us for access to imports even older. So we've decided to give you access to all of the imports our system currently holds.

Since EZ Importer is not the system of record and to try and keep in compliance with different regulations our data retention policy is to keep imports for 90 days. After ...

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EZ Importer: Using Your Products Price on Import

We've recently updated our Shopify order importing app, EZ Importer, to allow you to use your products price when importing orders. This allows you to use the price on the product you're importing instead of providing a price in the CSV file you're uploading.

EZ Importer allows you to match your products SKU with the line items on the order. This allows you to link your orders line items with the products in your store. If you want to use ...

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EZ Importer: Obey Inventory Policy When Reducing Inventory

We recently launched a new feature that allows you to obey your inventory's policy when importing orders with EZ Importer. It's a request we've had from many customers who use our inventory management feature when importing orders. Before we launched this feature if you reduced your products inventory on import and that products inventory was 0 the order would still import and still reduce your products inventory bringing it below 0. For many customers this doesn't make sense.

When ...

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EZ Importer: Data Mapping Tab Redesign

In our continued efforts to improve EZ Importer, our Shopify app that allows you to import your orders from a CSV file, we've made a small change to the way we display the fields you need to map before import.

In the data mapping section of EZ Importer we display all Shopify fields and group them by what we call a "resource". The resource is the name of the group to which the field belongs. For example, if you're ...

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Import Customer Phone Numbers With EZ Importer

We're excited to announce that you can now import your customers phone numbers when importing orders with EZ Importer.

To import a phone number with your order, simply map the phone field on the Customer tab and/or on the Order Details tab. Importing a phone number on the Order Details tab will associate the phone number with the order itself, not with the customer. This means the phone number will show up on the Contact Information section of ...

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