EZ Importer Update: Buyer Accepts Marketing and Tracking Number Changes

As of April 2022, Shopify has changed how the customer accepts marketing flag works and has updated to a modern fulfillment workflow. This has two effects on EZ Importer; we now need to make a second call to Shopify when using the buyer_accepts_marketing flag and we no longer support adding multiple tracking numbers to orders.

Buyer Accepts Marketing

Shopify has migrated the customer.accepts_marketing flag to two new fields called email_marketing_consent.state and email_marketing_consent.opt_in_level. At this time EZ Importer doesn't support these fields, however, to keep things simple and backward compatible EZ Importer will continue using the buyer_accepts_marketing flag.

The good news is you don't have to make changes to your imports if you want to continue using this field, but we have to make a few assumptions. Since the buyer_accepts_marketing flag no longer maps to the customer.accepts_marketing field, which Shopify has depreciated, we have to update the email_marketing_consent.opt_in_level and email_marketing_consent.state fields instead. EZ Importer will set these fields for you when providing buyer_accepts_marketing. This allows you to continue using a single true/false flag in your uploaded file when setting your customer's marketing consent.  

The final impact of this change is performance. Since Shopify no longer updates the fields for us on import, we have to make a second call to the Shopify API if the field is selected. Because of this, we don't recommend using the field on large imports as it will impact the run time. We recommend you use Shopify's customer import tool to update your customer's marketing consent when working with large imports. For more details on how buyer_accpets_marketing works consult our documentation.

Multiple Tracking Numbers No Longer Supported

Shopify has made changes to the way fulfillments work on its platform. The recommended and modern way to fulfill orders is by using a Fulfillment Order. A Fulfillment Order "represents either an item or a group of items in an order that are to be fulfilled from the same location". This change no longer allows us to create fulfillments directly from the order, which in our opinion, makes working and managing fulfillments a lot easier.  

The main impact on EZ Importer is you can no longer add multiple tracking numbers to a single fulfillment. Shopify only supports adding a single tracking number to a single fulfillment. To provide multiple tracking numbers, you have to break the order into multiple fulfillments by line item, which we do not support.

We understand this may be an issue for some of you, however, we can only support creating a single Fulfillment Order for each order at this time. We work hard to ensure our app always has backward functionality and we take removing features seriously.

If you have further questions about tracking numbers you can consult our documentation or reach out and let us know.

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