EZ Notify: Slack Granular Permissions Now Available

We've just pushed an update to EZ Notify to use granular permissions for new installs.

This update allows our app to only request the minimal set of permissions required for our app to function, improving security.

All new installations will use granular permissions by default.  If you already have our app installed in your workspace, we recommend removing it from Slack and re-connecting it to enable granular permissions.

Switching to Granular Permissions

To switch over an existing installation to granular …

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EZ Notify Update: Activate or Deactivate Specific Slack Slash Commands

One of the features of our EZ Notify app is the ability to search the Shopify store directly from Slack using slash commands.

Members of the Slack workspace can basically type in a command with a keyword to search the store's order, product, and customer data and the results will be displayed in Slack.  We had a request recently, however, where the merchant actually wanted to disable this feature completely as she doesn't want her entire team to be able …

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EZ Notify: Include UTM Parameters in the Slack Message

We've just pushed a small update to EZ Notify to give our users the option to include UTM and other query parameters in the Slack notification message.

This data is part of the "Landing Site" field, which we've had for a while. However, this is normally a long string of characters which is hard to read.

With this update, you can now include just the landing page's UTM parameters so you can much more easily read the data. Another field …

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EZ Notify: Get Customer Event Notifications in Slack

In addition to Order Events, EZ Notify also now supports Customer Events!

This update allows our users to get notified in Slack whenever a new customer places an order, creates an account in the Shopify store, when a customer's data is updated, an account is disabled, or when the record is deleted.

Below is a list of all Shopify Customer Events that can be configured in EZ Notify:

  • Created (new customer record is created)
  • Updated
  • Enabled (customer activates their account) …
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EZ Notify: Including Line Item Properties and Cart Attributes in the Slack Notification Message

Shopify provides a way for merchants to capture information entered by customers using line item properties and cart attributes. These data are stored as part of the order data in the Shopify store.

Line item properties are mainly used to provide line item/product-level customization for the customer. For example, if you're selling jewelry, you may provide an option to enter a custom engraving for each item purchased. There are apps out there such as ShopPad's Infinite Options and BOLD's …

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