EZ Notify: Get Customer Event Notifications in Slack

In addition to Order Events, EZ Notify also now supports Customer Events!

This update allows our users to get notified in Slack whenever a new customer places an order, creates an account in the Shopify store, when a customer's data is updated, an account is disabled, or when the record is deleted.

Below is a list of all Shopify Customer Events that can be configured in EZ Notify:

  • Created (new customer record is created)
  • Updated
  • Enabled (customer activates their account)
  • Disabled (customer account deactivated)
  • Deleted

Listen to Shopify Customer Events and Send Notifications to Slack

Just like for Order Events, you can customize the Slack notifications message for Customer Events. You can select the fields you'd like included in the message on the "Event Fields" page:

EZ Notify Shopify App - Customize Slack Notification Message for Customer Events

And the resulting message will look something like this:

EZ Notify for Shopify - Custom Slack Message for Customer Events

You can set up "Event Rules" as well. For example, you can create a rule like: "If a new customer is created where the country code is not US, send a notification to the #international_customers channel."

Please note that this feature is only available on our Professional plan and we hope you find it useful.

Tags: slack, shopify, ez notify, customer events