Getting Started with Kickstarter

You want to start an e-commerce business? That's fantastic! Getting it started can be a bit tricky. The age-old adage "you have to spend money to make money" is as annoying as it is true. Successfully started businesses don't just fall from the sky. It's definitely going to take some extra effort to kick start your business. That's why the popular crowdfunding company, Kickstarter, is so awesome for budding businesses.

What is Kickstarter?

For starters, Kickstarter is a popular ...

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Getting Started with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

We've talked about logistics before and how important fulfillment is to the success of your site. Whether you're a new, up-and-coming store or a veteran, order fulfillment is almost always a painstaking process. One that always requires a lot of thought, effort, and tears on your part. But wait. There's a reason that it's only "almost" always a painstaking process and why it isn't just "always" a painstaking process. Fulfillment isn't something that has to be done on your own. ...

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Much Ado About SKUs

Whether you're a long standing e-commerce store or a new one, there are a few things that you know are important to maintaining organization within your store. This is true for e-commerce or brick-and-mortar as well. No matter the medium, no matter the length of time in business, there are a few things to which all stores should adhere. In this case, if you have any sort of inventory that you're moving, having a SKU system in place is one ...

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Ecommerce Metrics Every Store Owner Should be Using

Sometimes, as a store owner, you can feel like you're floundering. You may not know where to start determining what is the best measurement of the success of your store. Is it enough to simply determine your profit margin? Is that the endgame or is there more to it all? Well, at the very least, I will say operating an e-commerce store is like moving a wheel. There are many moving parts, so monitoring only one spoke on the wheel ...

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Weighing In On Bitcoin

We are in the future.

Where we once had to have physical cash, like the cotton in your wallet or the plastic card which is a physical representation of the money you're borrowing, to do things, we are now seeing a slight turn of events. Something else is trying to take its place. Something we don't physically touch, but exists in the ether. At this point I'm sure many people have heard of cryptocurrency, more importantly, Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin? ...

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