EZ Importer: Use Billing Address As Shipping Address

We've been making a bunch of small improvements lately to EZ Importer. Our latest improvement is allowing you to use the same billing and shipping address when creating your data mapping. With this new option, you'll be able to save time mapping your shipping address fields with a single click.

Using Your Billing Address As Your Shipping Address

Mapping your CSV file to the proper Shopify fields can be a little overwhelming as there are so many different fields …

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EZ Importer: Strict Address Validation

Recently we've tightened our validation on the billing and shipping addresses in EZ Importer. We've decided to make the validation strict because orders that have invalid shipping or billing addresses "fail silently" in Shopify. This means, Shopify imports the order successfully but they ignore the shipping or billing address you've provided.

For example, if you import an order with an address that doesn't have a country, the order will import successfully and you'll see all of the order data …

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