EZ Importer: Use Billing Address As Shipping Address

We've been making a bunch of small improvements lately to EZ Importer. Our latest improvement is allowing you to use the same billing and shipping address when creating your data mapping. With this new option, you'll be able to save time mapping your shipping address fields with a single click.

Using Your Billing Address As Your Shipping Address

Mapping your CSV file to the proper Shopify fields can be a little overwhelming as there are so many different fields to map. We've improved this process in the past by offering default templates for common import types. However, there are still a lot of different CSV file formats out there. One area of the data mapping that can be extremely tedious is mapping the billing and shipping address fields. There are a number of fields to map and in many situations the billing and shipping address are the same.

In order to improve this we've added a checkbox on the Billing Address tab in the data mapping section of EZ Importer.

Billing Address As Shipping Address

If you click the checkbox labeled Use Billing Address as Shipping Address you will no longer need to map any shipping address fields. EZ Importer will copy the fields read in from the CSV columns you've mapped as your Billing Address.

If you have this checkbox clicked and still have the Shipping Address fields mapped, EZ Importer will use the Billing Address fields in place of the Shipping Address fields.

We hope this will be a big time saver for customers who have the same billing and shipping addresses. We'll be continuing to push more improvements to the data mapping process in the coming months. If there is anything else that you think would bring value to the app, feel free to contact us and let us know!

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