Add PO Numbers and Mark Orders Tax Exempt with EZ Importer

With our latest release of EZ Importer, you can add PO Numbers to your order and mark orders tax-exempt.

Add PO Numbers To Your Orders

There is a new field, po_number, on the Order Details tab of your data mapping.  You can map this field to the column in your file with your PO Number.  This field was recently added to Shopify's Order API and is currently displayed on the orders timeline (although this could change in the future).   …

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Importing Tax Lines to Shopify

We've pushed an update to EZ Importer which allows you to provide tax lines with your imports. To configure your imports to use tax lines you need to map the columns in your CSV file with tax line data using the data mapper.

If you need to import multiple tax lines per order you can click the Add Tax Line Row button on the bottom right hand side of the Tax Lines tab. This will add another set of tax …

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