Add PO Numbers and Mark Orders Tax Exempt with EZ Importer

With our latest release of EZ Importer, you can add PO Numbers to your order and mark orders tax-exempt.

Add PO Numbers To Your Orders

There is a new field, po_number, on the Order Details tab of your data mapping.  You can map this field to the column in your file with your PO Number.  This field was recently added to Shopify's Order API and is currently displayed on the orders timeline (although this could change in the future).  

Marking Orders Tax Exempt

We also now support tax-exempt orders.  You can import tax-exempt orders by mapping the tax_exempt field on the Order Details page, or you can use the customer.tax_exempt field if the customer should never pay taxes on their order.  Mapping the tax_exempt field on the Customer tab will mark the customer tax-exempt in Shopify.  Don't forget we don't pull customer details (at this time) from Shopify before import, so you can't rely on the tax_exempt value stored on the customer in Shopify; you'll have to set this value on import.

Setting the tax_exempt field to true or yes will prevent the order total from including taxes.  If you map the total_tax field and the order is marked tax-exempt, the total_tax value will NOT be sent to Shopify.

However, you can still import tax lines with your order.  The tax lines fields are for display only, so if you want to display the tax on the order but not include it in the calculation, you can map the tax_lines and set the tax_exempt field to true.

You can read our documentation on the feature here.

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