EZ Importer's Predefined CSV Templates Now Support Fulfilled and Unfulfilled Orders

In order to help get you started, EZ Importer has a set of predefined templates for merchants not migrating from another platform or Shopify store.  Previously, when importing orders using these templates, the orders would always be marked fulfilled.  We've recently updated the templates to work with Fulfilled and unfulfilled orders, or you can map your fulfillment status.

Selecting Your Fulfillment Status

Our predefined templates do the data mapping for you and allow you to download the CSV file with the mapped …

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Import Orders Using Our Prebuilt CSV Templates

One of the hardest parts about importing orders into Shopify using CSV files is the formatting of the file.  Our app, EZ Importer, has a flexible mapping system that works for the majority of use-cases (as long as the file's first row is a header row with column names and line items are on a separate row). Another big hurdle is getting started with a CSV file, especially if you're NOT importing orders from another Shopify store or platform.  …

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Use Default Shopify field values with EZ Importer

We're excited to announce that EZ Importer now allows you to set default values when importing to Shopify. In the past, if your CSV file was missing any data, you'd have to edit each row in your CSV file. With this new feature you no longer have to worry about adding fields to your CSV file if they're missing. Editing your CSV file can be time consuming, error prone and just annoying. For merchants who are doing daily or weekly …

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Automatically Replace Multiple Characters in Your Shopify Data Export With EZ Exporter

When generating a CSV/Excel export of your Shopify data to be sent to third parties such as a supplier or another platform, the recipient may require the content of certain fields to be formatted in a certain way.

For example, some systems may require fields such as the shipping address to include only official abbreviations. There may also be cases where the system receiving the data only supports ASCII characters and if your customer base is global, you'll most likely …

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EZ Exporter: Removing Non-Numeric Characters From Your Shopify Data

We've recently added a new Calculated Fields function in EZ Exporter for automatically stripping out non-numeric characters: strip_non_numeric_chars()

We've added this as one of our customers needed a way to export phone numbers to CSV containing only the numbers as they needed to import the data into another system that only accepts numbers. Shopify allows certain characters such as parentheses and dashes for phone numbers and this function will clean all these up automatically.

The usage is fairly simple. For …

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