Use Default Shopify field values with EZ Importer

We're excited to announce that EZ Importer now allows you to set default values when importing to Shopify. In the past, if your CSV file was missing any data, you'd have to edit each row in your CSV file. With this new feature you no longer have to worry about adding fields to your CSV file if they're missing. Editing your CSV file can be time consuming, error prone and just annoying. For merchants who are doing daily or weekly imports, this becomes a huge hassle.

Configuring Your Defaults

Configuring your defaults is extremely easy. To setup your default fields, simply go to the data mapping you're going to use for your import and click the Default Fields Configuration (Optional) heading. This will show a simple form with two input fields. Select the Shopify field you want to set a default for and the value you want for that field.

For example, if you're importing orders that do not have a fulfillment status you can mark all orders fulfilled by selecting the line_items.fulfillment_status in the Shopify fields dropdown on the left and set a value of fulfilled to the input box on the right.

Default Your Shopify Orders To Fulfilled

If you want to add more than one default field, simply click the Add More button below the last form field. We currently allow a max of 15 defaults.

Defaults and Blank Values

This feature also allows you to set a default value for fields that you have mapped to your CSV file. In this situation, if a value is found for the mapped field in your CSV file that value will be sent to Shopify. However, if a blank value is found for the mapped field the default value will be sent to Shopify. This allows you to provide defaults for fields that may have inconstant data. We understand that there may be inconsistent or missing data in your CSV files and we hope this feature will help make your imports easier.

For a full run down of how this feature works, please feel free to read our documentation here. We hope this feature will help make importing your data easier as we know how how time consuming it can be to edit your CSV file before import.

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