Update Fulfilled Orders With EZ Fulfill

When automatically fulfilling orders in Shopify you may need to update or replace your tracking numbers on orders that are fulfilled.  As of today, this is now possible with EZ Fulfill.  EZ Fulfill allows you to quickly and automatically mass fulfill your Shopify orders even if they are already marked fulfilled.

By default, we have this feature disabled as overwriting or updating an existing fulfillment can be dangerous.  This will help prevent orders from being updated by mistake.  To enable …

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Fulfill Orders From Multiple Locations Using EZ Fulfill

EZ Fulfill now allows you to fulfill your orders from multiple locations using your CSV or Excel file.  When we originally launched EZ Fulfill we supported multiple locations as long as they were in separate files.  This meant you could create a Data Feed for each location as we assumed each fulfillment center would send their own file. 

After speaking with many of our customers, we realized this isn't always the case.  Now you can fulfill your orders from multiple locations, …

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Automate and Bulk Update Your Tracking Numbers From Excel With EZ Fulfill

We've recently added Microsoft Excel support to EZ Fulfill. This means you can now use Excel files to update your track numbers and fulfillment data in addition to CSV/TSV/TXT files. Both XLS and XLSX formats are supported.

We've added Excel support so you no longer need to convert your Excel files to CSV before uploading your fulfillment data.  This helps speed up the process and cuts out an extra step if you're using excel to manage your fulfillment data.  When …

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Get Error Notifications With EZ Fulfill

When automating your fulfillment process, it's important to get alerted if there are any problems when updating your Shopify orders fulfillment status or tracking numbers. We're excited to announce that this now possible with EZ Fulfill.

EZ Fulfill can now alert you, via email, when one of your orders has thrown an error or has been skipped. Getting email notifications while fulfilling your Shopify orders may be a critical part of your process, that you can not further automate. …

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Automatically Fulfill Multiple Files With EZ Fulfill

Our fulfillment app, EZ Fulfill, now allows you to fulfill your Shopify orders in multiple files with our new wildcard syntax. The wildcard syntax can be used to pull your files automatically from FTP, SFTP or Dropbox. When we launched the app we built a variable syntax that allows you to specify your file names using date variables.

Today we're launching a new feature that allows you to use wildcards. The wildcard syntax allows EZ Fulfill to do pattern …

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