Fulfill Your Shopify Orders with Dropbox

We're excited to announce our first Integration, Dropbox! You can now fulfill your Shopify orders from your Dropbox account. Our Dropbox integration works similar to our FTP/SFTP service where you can manually fulfill your orders or set them up on a schedule.

We use Dropbox here at Highview Apps ourselves for sharing all kinds of files. It makes our workflow much more efficient by not relying on email to share files. You can install Dropbox on pretty much any device, ...

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Automate Your Order Fulfillments With EZ Fulfill

Fulfilling orders can get complicated very quickly. As you grow your Shopify store, simply going through your list of orders and manually updating the tracking numbers and marking them fulfilled can become time consuming and error prone. In the early days of your store, when you have a handful of orders being shipped, this makes sense. However, as your store grows this is going to become unmanageable and stressful.

With the launch of EZ Fulfill, we hope to solve ...

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Getting Started with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

We've talked about logistics before and how important fulfillment is to the success of your site. Whether you're a new, up-and-coming store or a veteran, order fulfillment is almost always a painstaking process. One that always requires a lot of thought, effort, and tears on your part. But wait. There's a reason that it's only "almost" always a painstaking process and why it isn't just "always" a painstaking process. Fulfillment isn't something that has to be done on your own. ...

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EZ Exporter: Option to Never Use Quotes in Shopify CSV Exports

By default, EZ Exporter uses "minimal quoting" when exporting Shopify data to CSV. This means that quotes will only be added to the fields if the data contains characters that could break the CSV parsing, such as line breaks/newline characters or a character that conflicts with the data separator/delimiter.

For example, if you're using semicolons as the delimiter and a field data also contains a semicolon, then this field will be automatically enclosed with quotes when the CSV file is ...

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Things to Think About Before Choosing a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Provider

Let’s talk logistics.

You’re an ecommerce store, right? So fulfilling orders is at the crux of everything you do. The success of your business hinges upon it. This is something that can make or break you. Having inventory and fulfilling orders is probably just as important as being visible on google, if not more so. I’m willing to argue. It’s utterly paramount to be visible on Google, as I have said many times over, but being able to fulfill your ...

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