Backup and Restore Your Data Feeds in EZ Fulfill

EZ Fulfill now allows you to back up your data feeds and restore them, allowing you to copy your settings from one Shopify store to another.  This feature is also available with our Shopify data exporting app, EZ Exporter, so if you're familiar with that app, this feature should look the same.

Many Shopify merchants or agencies manage multiple stores, and setting up your data feeds on each store can be cumbersome.  We allow you to configure up to 10 Data Feeds (depending on the plan you select), enabling you to create the Data Feeds you want on one store and then upload them to another.  It's perfect for you to set up your basic configurations and then upload them to additional stores.

Simply back up the Data Feeds you want (or all of them) by downloading a zip file from the store you wish to copy and then upload the zip file to another store.  We'll take care of the rest for you in the background.

A few things to note with the Backup and Restore feature:

  • We won't overwrite existing Data Feeds when restoring. If a Data Feed with the same name already exists, we'll create a new one and append "(restored on <timestamp>)" to the name.
  • When restoring Data Feeds, we will automatically set the scheduling to "Inactive" for the Data Feeds being restored to avoid unintentional report runs.

Tags: new features, fulfillment, ez fulfill