Add Metafields To Your Orders Using EZ Importer

EZ Importer, our Shopify app that allows you to import orders from CSV files to Shopify, now allows you to add order Metafields to your orders.  Adding Metafields to your order is a configuration option similar to the way you replace values in your file or if you want to add default fields.

Data Mapping Configuration

To add Metafields to your order, open the Metafields Configuration section of your data mapping and add the Metafield you want to add, …

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Export Product Cost From Your Shopify Store With EZ Exporter

Shopify recently added a new field called "Cost per item" in the Shopify Admin's product variant page. This is something that we definitely know Shopify merchants have been asking for and they previously had to resort to using Metafields to get this information into their Shopify store.

We're happy to announce that this field can also now be exported using EZ Exporter!

The product cost field can be included both in the Product export and Order export:

  • Product export: …
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Product Cost Field Now Available in the Shopify Admin

Shopify released an update just a few days ago to allow merchants to enter the per item cost of a product variant in the Shopify admin. This is definitely something we know many Shopify merchants had been asking for so they can calculate COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) and profit margins.

Before this update, the only way to store this data in Shopify was to use Metafields. However, since Shopify doesn't have their own metafields editor, the merchant will …

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EZ Exporter: Customer Export Now Available

We're happy to announce that EZ Exporter now supports exporting of customer data!

This allows you to create very customized customer reports. Just like the order and product exports, you can include metafields in your reports as well and automate them.

Below are some things you can do with Customer Exports.

Create custom CSVs for other platforms

Create multiple presets for the different platforms that you use, selecting only the fields that you need.

For example, you may need to …

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EZ Exporter: Product / Inventory Export Now Available

Product data export is now finally available in EZ Exporter!

With this update, you can now export your products, variants, and inventory data to CSV in addition to orders. Just like the Order data settings, you'll be able to create very customized reports using advanced custom filtering, custom fields, calculated fields, and metafields with the new Product export .

When creating a new Data Settings, you will see additional options to select whether you'd like to create one for …

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