EZ Exporter: June 2020 Updates

Below is a list of smaller updates we've pushed this month to our Shopify data export app, EZ Exporter.

New field: total_tip_received

Shopify added an online tipping option for web orders last month, which merchants can add to the checkout page. This option used to be only available through Shopify POS.

In EZ Exporter, you can now select a field called total_tip_received. This field is also available in the Custom Filters and the Grouping and Aggregation sections in the …

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EZ Exporter Update: Backing Up Specific Export Profiles and Data Settings

We've just pushed a small update to our EZ Exporter app to allow our users to back up specific Export Profiles and Data Settings which can be restored to another Shopify store.

Previously, we only had options to back up all Export Profiles and/or all Data Settings, which works fine in many cases where a Shopify merchant needs to duplicate export templates from one store to another.

However, we've gotten a request recently from one of our customers who just needs to …

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Automatically Export Your Data From Shopify to Google Sheets With EZ Exporter

A direct Google Sheets integrations is one of our most requested features for EZ Exporter and we're happy to announce that it's finally here!

We've had a Google Drive integration for a long time now where our users can automatically export a CSV or Excel file to a Google Drive folder.  However, we have customers who use Google Sheets heavily and prefer to have all the data they need in the same spreadsheet.

With this update, you can now do the …

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Exporting Fulfillment Dates at the Line Item Level From Shopify Orders

EZ Exporter has had the Shopify order fulfillment date field available for a while now, but this field is the final fulfillment date for the entire order.

We've gotten a request recently from one of our customers asking if it's possible to also figure out when a specific line item in the order was fulfilled.  The reason is an order could contain products to be fulfilled by multiple vendors and they'd like to be able to run a report to measure the …

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How to Extract Specific Product Details From the Shopify Product Description Using EZ Exporter

As a Shopify merchant, you probably already know that when you perform a CSV export of your products via the Shopify Admin, the product description will include all the HTML tags in the data. Our EZ Exporter app can easily strip these out.

However, there may be more complex cases where you need to go even a step further, where you need to extract specific product attributes that were entered directly in the HTML product description in Shopify. You …

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