EZ Exporter: Removing Non-Numeric Characters From Your Shopify Data

We've recently added a new Calculated Fields function in EZ Exporter for automatically stripping out non-numeric characters: strip_non_numeric_chars()

We've added this as one of our customers needed a way to export phone numbers to CSV containing only the numbers as they needed to import the data into another system that only accepts numbers. Shopify allows certain characters such as parentheses and dashes for phone numbers and this function will clean all these up automatically.

The usage is fairly simple. For ...

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Automatically Export Your Shopify Multi-Location Inventory Data to CSV With EZ Exporter

We've recently pushed an update to EZ Exporter to provide an option to include inventory levels from multiple Shopify locations as part of the product data export.

When you go to the Data Settings in EZ Exporter, you'll now see the following new fields:

  • variants.inventory_levels
  • variants.inventory_levels.available
  • variants.inventory_levels.location_id
  • variants.inventory_levels.location_name
  • variants.inventory_levels.updated_at

By default, the fields that start with variants.inventory_levels. such as variants.inventory_levels.available will include the values from all locations separated by a comma. To split them up in separate columns in the ...

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Export UTM Parameters From Your Shopify Order Data to CSV With EZ Exporter

One way to keep track of how well your marketing campaigns are doing is by using UTM parameters. Our app EZ Exporter now supports a function for extracting individual UTM parameters and place them in separate columns in the CSV file to make it easier for you to analyze the data.

UTM parameters are basically just these additional strings that you add at the end of a URL in the format of key=value so you can parse them later ...

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EZ Exporter Updates: More Date Filter Options and UI/UX Improvements

We've been making some small improvements here and there these last couple of weeks to our Shopify CSV exporter app, EZ Exporter.

When using the app, you'll notice some small changes to the UI and additional options as well.

More Date Filter Options

Based on customer requests, we've added a few more preset date filter options here: Last 14 Days, Last 90 Days, and Quarter to Date.

These preset dates allow for more flexibility when scheduling automated exports. Below ...

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EZ Exporter: Automatically Zip Exported CSV Files

We've just pushed an update to EZ Exporter giving our users the option to automatically compress exported CSV files using ZIP compression.

Text files tend to compress very well, so this could significantly reduce the size of the CSV files. This is especially useful when emailing them as attachments as many email providers limit file attachments to 20MB-30MB. The compression ratio will vary depending on the content of the file, but you can expect to reduce the file size 5-10x ...

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