Removing HTML Tags From Your Shopify Product CSV Export With EZ Exporter

When you export your Shopify product data to CSV, you'll notice that it will export the product description with HTML code included in a field called "Body (HTML)."

If you plan to use this product CSV in other platforms such as for a Facebook Product Feed or Google Shopping Feed, you'd normally want the HTML tags removed as those platforms either won't render them or won't allow them at all. You'd want the product description to be in plain text. ...

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EZ Exporter Update: Quick Filters in Export Profiles and Data Settings Pages

When we launched EZ Exporter almost 3 years ago now, it started out as a simple Shopify order exporter app. It only supported CSV format and delivering the exported file to an email address and an FTP/SFTP server.

We've added a lot of features to EZ Exporter since then. In addition to exporting Shopify order data, the app also now supports exporting collections, customers, draft orders, and products. We've also added integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3. And ...

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EZ Exporter: Export Additional Gift Card Data From Shopify Orders

We've gotten a few customer questions recently regarding exporting gift card information applied to the Shopify order.

One customer needed to export the last 4 characters of the gift card code that was used to pay for the order and another needed the amount paid by gift card. These data are stored in the order transaction data provided by the Shopify API and our app has functions that can be used in the Calculated Fields to retrieve them, but we ...

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Export Shopify Order Fulfillment Locations at the Line Item Level With EZ Exporter

You can now export the fulfillment location names and IDs at the line item level from your Shopify order data with EZ Exporter.

The fulfillment location IDs had been available at the order level for some time now and but we've recently received a request to be able run sales reports by product and fulfillment location. To do this, we needed to parse the fulfillment data returned by the Shopify API and match them up with the line items ...

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Export Your Shopify Data to Excel With EZ Exporter

In addition to being able to export your Shopify data to a custom CSV file, EZ Exporter also now supports exporting directly to Excel format. Both the old XLS (Excel 97-2003) and the newer XLSX (Excel 2007 or later) formats are supported.

While pretty much any spreadsheet application can read CSV files, there are instances where the file needs to be specifically in Excel format as certain systems that need to process the file only support Excel formats. A common ...

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