Automatically Upload Exported Data from Shopify to Slack with EZ Exporter

We've just added a Slack integration to our EZ Exporter Shopify app.

This new integration allows merchants to export data from Shopify in CSV or Excel format and automatically upload them to a Slack channel.

If you're like us and primarily use Slack for internal communications, this could save some time from having to open another website or app to view your Shopify reports.  This is a great alternative to sending custom reports over email.

When a file is uploaded to …

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EZ Exporter Update: Personal Access Tokens Support for the Airtable API

For a long time, Airtable has supported access to their API via a single API Key per account.  The API Key gives full access to all the user's tables and bases.

The downside of this approach, of course, is security and key management.  Some apps may just need read access, but there was no way to generate a read-only key previously.  Also, if multiple apps are using the same API Key, revoking/renewing the key will affect all of them.

Airtable has recently added …

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EZ Exporter: January 2023 Updates

Below is a list of features we've added to EZ Exporter in January.

Ignoring filters for selected records is now optional

In the past, when selecting orders in the Shopify Admin and using the "Export selected with EZ Exporter" option, the app automatically ignored all Filters and Custom Filters.

The reason for this is the user is already selecting specific records to export, so it could cause confusion if the filters in the Data Settings are also applied.

However, there were …

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EZ Exporter: Get Notified by Email When an Export Fails

One of the main use cases for our EZ Exporter app is workflow automation.

We have many users that rely on our app to automatically export data in a custom CSV or Excel format to an external location (such as an FTP/SFTP server, Amazon S3, or Google Sheets).  The exported files are then processed by other systems, such as an ERP system.

Those users that use our app for this purpose rarely log in to the app after doing the …

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EZ Exporter: September 2022 Updates

Below is a list of updates we pushed to our EZ Exporter app last month.

Inventory Levels fields in Order and Draft Order export

The following fields can now be included in an Order or Draft Order export.  They used to be available only in the Product export.

line_items.variant.inventory_levels.available Lineitem Variant Inventory Levels - Available Quantities (type: text). A comma-separated list of quantity values at the locations that stock this variant.
line_items.variant.inventory_levels.location_id Lineitem Variant Inventory Levels - Location IDs (type: …
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