EZ Exporter Update: Grouping and Aggregation Now Supports a LIST() Function

In addition to the MIN, MAX, SUM, MEAN, COUNT, and UNIQUE COUNT functions, EZ Exporter also now supports a LIST function.

This new function allows you to combine a group of field values in a JSON list/array.  If you're familiar with SQL, this is similar to MySQL's GROUP_CONCAT() function or PostgreSQL's STRING_AGG() function.

This enables creating summary reports where you can include a column including a comma-separated list of values from a grouped data.

Some examples:

  • Group orders by product …
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EZ Exporter Update: Shopify Fulfillment Orders Export Now Available

EZ Exporter has supported exporting fulfillment locations from the Shopify order for some time now, but they were only available for orders or line items that were already fulfilled.

In the last couple of months, we've gotten more inquiries from merchants on how to export and filter based on the assigned/allocation location to fulfill the orders and line items from.

One use case for this is to allow merchants to create separate CSV exports to be sent to different warehouses for …

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EZ Exporter Update: Sort Data by a Custom Column and an Extra Option to Exclude Specific Columns

We've just pushed 2 additional options in the Data Settings configuration of EZ Exporter:

  1. Sort by a custom column.
  2. Extra option to exclude specific columns.

Both of these options are applied near the end of the export process, after Custom Fields and Calculated Fields have already been evaluated so they'll often be used together with these fields.

Sort by a Custom Column

This one is pretty straightforward.  You might want to sort the data based on the output of Custom …

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EZ Exporter Update: New Shopify Order Fields Now Available

Shopify regularly pushes updates to their APIs which often involve new fields being added as well.

Below is a list of new fields we've added to EZ Exporter when exporting order data.  Many of these fields can be used in the filters as well.

  • current_subtotal_price: Current Subtotal Price (type: number). The current subtotal price of the order in the shop currency. The value of this field reflects order edits, returns, and refunds.
  • current_total_discounts: Current Total Discounts (type: number). The current …
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Shopify Tip: How to Add Metafields to Products and Variants Without Using an App

Shopify has supported Metafields for a long time now but there was no option to manage them directly via the Shopify Admin so merchants often had to use third-party apps to add/update metafields.

A recent update takes care of this where Shopify merchants can now manage metafields directly from the Shopify Admin wihout the need of an app or writing custom code to interact with the API.

Metafields allow merchants to attach additional attributes to resources such as products, variants, and …

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