Shopify Tip: How to Retrieve Product Images in Different Sizes Via the Image URL

Did you know that you can specify the image dimensions of your Shopify product images via its URL?  This could come in handy for generating product feeds that require specific image dimensions.

For example, you may need to generate a product feed that requires a field for the image thumbnail URL.  Instead of re-uploading the thumbnail version of the images, you can actually just add a width and height parameter directly in the original full image URL.

To demonstrate this, …

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EZ Exporter: October 2020 Updates

This will probably be the last set of new features we'll be pushing this year for EZ Exporter as we're basically now in "maintenance mode" for the holiday shopping season.

To minimize the risks of potentially introducing new bugs during the busiest time of the year for ecommerce, we're going to hold off on bigger updates until early January. We plan to only push very minor, low risk updates (such as minor UI tweaks) in the upcoming two months.

Below are some …

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New EZ Exporter Templates: Facebook and Pinterest Product Feeds

We've recently added two additional pre-built templates to EZ Exporter:

  • Product Data Feed for Facebook Catalogs
  • Product Data Feed for Pinterest Catalogs

We also have a pre-built template for a Google Shopping Feed available as well.

These two product feed templates are actually quite similar.  Both of these templates already have all the required fields configured and mapped to your Shopify data.

However, you may need to modify it slightly depending on your store's setup.  For example, if you …

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EZ Exporter: August 2020 Updates

It's that time of the month again and we're happy to report additional improvements we've made to our EZ Exporter app this month. :)

New servers

We've added 3 new backend servers to our EZ Exporter infrastructure.  Our monthly installs have gone up quite a bit since March and these new servers will ensure that our infrastructure will have sufficient computing capacity to process export tasks in a timely manner as our userbase grows further.

New function: get_value_by_position()

We've added a new …

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EZ Exporter: July 2020 Updates

We've been on a roll with updates lately. :)

Below is a list of updates we've pushed out this month to our EZ Exporter app.

Option to overwrite files in Google Drive

In the Export Profile settings, when selecting "Google Drive" as the export destination, you'll now see a new option to overwrite the file if it exists.

Please note that our app can only overwrite files that were originally created by our app.

Please see this blog post for more details. …

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