EZ Importer Updates: Disable Address Validation and Documentation Search

We've been spending a lot of time making small improvements to our app, EZ Importer. On top of many new technical improvements, we've also added two features that we think will make importing orders into Shopify easier.

Disabling Strict Address Validation

When importing orders you may not have all the address validation you need. Shopify has fairly strict address validation, however they do not fail your import if the order has incorrect address information. The order itself will import …

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EZ Exporter Updates: More Date Filter Options and UI/UX Improvements

We've been making some small improvements here and there these last couple of weeks to our Shopify CSV exporter app, EZ Exporter.

When using the app, you'll notice some small changes to the UI and additional options as well.

More Date Filter Options

Based on customer requests, we've added a few more preset date filter options here: Last 14 Days, Last 90 Days, and Quarter to Date.

These preset dates allow for more flexibility when scheduling automated exports. Below …

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