5 Ways to Reduce Fraudulent Orders

Fraud stinks. It's irritating and unfortunate for all parties involved, unless, of course, you're the person committing the fraud. For those of us that tread on the right side of the tracks, though, fraud is heartbreaking. Investigations have to occur, transactions get disputed, and, worst of all, charge-backs happen. Fraudulent orders can be a double whammy to ecommerce store owners. There are times where you lose your merchandise and the money in such scenarios. It doesn't take a rocket scientist …

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EZ Exporter: Order Risk Data Now Available

This feature was recently requested by one of our customers and we thought this could definitely be useful for many of our other customers as well, so we decided to go ahead and add this to EZ Exporter.

Shopify has a built-in risk analysis feature that can help you flag potentially fraudulent orders. For example, a stolen credit card may have been used to place an order on your site and you'd of course wouldn't want to process this …

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