EZ Exporter: Order Risk Data Now Available

This feature was recently requested by one of our customers and we thought this could definitely be useful for many of our other customers as well, so we decided to go ahead and add this to EZ Exporter.

Shopify has a built-in risk analysis feature that can help you flag potentially fraudulent orders. For example, a stolen credit card may have been used to place an order on your site and you'd of course wouldn't want to process this order as you would lose money if the original owner of the credit card files a complaint. Banks tend to side with the customer in these cases so you'd lose money on refunds and chargebacks. One check that Shopify can do for you is look at the IP address of the customer who made the purchase and see if that IP address is located in the same country as the credit card holder's home address. Shopify can then assign a "risk score" to this order based on this information and other factors. The higher the "risk score," the higher the chance of the order being fraudulent.

With the addition of the risk data to EZ Exporter order exports, you can now generate a single CSV file that has all the order information and the risk analysis data provided by Shopify instead of having to go through each order from the Shopify admin.

Below are some useful risk analysis data you can now include in your CSV export:

  • Risk Score - A number between 0 and 1 indicating percentage likelihood of being fraud.
  • Recommendation - The recommended action given to the merchant ("accept", "investigate", or "cancel").
  • Message - A message to the merchant indicating the results of the fraud check.

With this data, you can, for example, generate a report for your fulfillment team and instruct them to make sure to call the customer first if the order doesn't have a recommendation of "accept" and verify that the owner of the credit card actually placed that order.

You can filter your CSV exports as well to exclude orders where the recommended action is "investigate" or "cancel" and only process those orders that have a recommended action of "accept." You can then create a separate report for those higher risk orders and have your team verify them first.

As you can see, having this data in your CSV export can really speed up your process, especially if you're processing a high volume of orders.

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