Slacky Is Now EZ Notify

We're excited to announce that after 2 years we've update the Slacky identity. This includes a new name and logo. You'll see our new name and logo everywhere you used to see the Slacky name. Slacky will now be called, EZ Notify.

We've made this change for a few reasons. We recently had our app approved by Slack, which means it's now officially in the Slack app store. In order to ensure our app is approved, we need to …

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Slacky Now Supports Slash Commands

We're happy to announce that our Shopify app, Slacky, now supports slash commands. These new commands give you the ability to retrieve order, product, and customer information directly from Slack, which we hope will save you time from having to switch between Slack and your Shopify store.

Currently, we support these 3 commands (with more planned for future releases):

  • /slacky order order_number (e.g. /slacky order 1234)
  • /slacky product product_title (e.g. /slacky product red socks)
  • /slacky customer name_or_email_or_tag (e.g. /slacky …
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