Slacky Now Supports Slash Commands

We're happy to announce that our Shopify app, Slacky, now supports slash commands. These new commands give you the ability to retrieve order, product, and customer information directly from Slack, which we hope will save you time from having to switch between Slack and your Shopify store.

Currently, we support these 3 commands (with more planned for future releases):

  • /slacky order order_number (e.g. /slacky order 1234)
  • /slacky product product_title (e.g. /slacky product red socks)
  • /slacky customer name_or_email_or_tag (e.g. /slacky customer james)

Oh, and if you forget the commands, simply type /slacky help in Slack to see the available options.

Let us show you some examples of how this works.

Retrieve order information

Say you received a notification in Slack that a new order # 1100 was just paid. You wanted to see more information about this order and you don't feel like clicking the link to open a new window taking you to your Shopify store and asking you to log in.

Well, this time, you can just simply type in: /slacky order 1100

Slacky will do its magic in the background and display the order information to you in Slack which looks something like this:

Now you know the customer's full name and how many of each item was purchased and the individual costs.

Retrieve product information

There may be times that you may want to look up product information and tell someone on your team about it. You may already be chatting on Slack and it will be annoying to have to visit your site, copy the URL, and paste the link.

Well, now you no longer have to leave Slack! Simply type: /slacky product product_title

Something like this will be displayed in your channel.

And if you need even more info, you can just click the title link to take you directly to the product page.

Retrieve customer information

Did one of your VIP customers, Mr. Stark, order something recently? How much has he spent so far and what was his last order?

There's a command for that: /slacky customer tony stark

Maybe you should give him a call and see how he's doing?

We hope these new commands can help you manage your Shopify stores and save you time. We plan to add more slash commands in the future.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, we'd love to hear about them! Just leave a comment here or contact us anytime.

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