EZ Importer: Data Mapping Tab Redesign

In our continued efforts to improve EZ Importer, our Shopify app that allows you to import your orders from a CSV file, we've made a small change to the way we display the fields you need to map before import.

In the data mapping section of EZ Importer we display all Shopify fields and group them by what we call a "resource". The resource is the name of the group to which the field belongs. For example, if you're ...

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Import Customer Phone Numbers With EZ Importer

We're excited to announce that you can now import your customers phone numbers when importing orders with EZ Importer.

To import a phone number with your order, simply map the phone field on the Customer tab and/or on the Order Details tab. Importing a phone number on the Order Details tab will associate the phone number with the order itself, not with the customer. This means the phone number will show up on the Contact Information section of ...

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Copy Your EZ Importer Data Mappings

We've recently pushed an update, to our order import app EZ Importer, that allows you to easily copy your data mappings. Many users need to import orders into Shopify from different sources and in many cases the CSV files are very similar. Mapping your CSV file multiple times is very time consuming. In order to try and save you time we now have a copy data mapping button.

If you want to copy your data mapping, simply go ...

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Download Your Data Mappings to a CSV Template

We've had a lot of customers ask if they could download templates after they've built their data mappings. This can make generate external data a lot easier. Whether your exporting from another system or building a set of scripts to pull your data from a database, it's nice to be able to easily create a template.

EZ Importer now allows you to download a csv template for any data mapping you've created. The template is generated by looking at the ...

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