Import Customer Phone Numbers With EZ Importer

We're excited to announce that you can now import your customers phone numbers when importing orders with EZ Importer.

To import a phone number with your order, simply map the phone field on the Customer tab and/or on the Order Details tab. Importing a phone number on the Order Details tab will associate the phone number with the order itself, not with the customer. This means the phone number will show up on the Contact Information section of the order. If you want a phone number associated with your customer, you'll need to map it on the Customer tab on your data mapping.

Customer Phone Data Mapping

Importing a customers phone number will override the existing phone number associated with that customer.

One last thing we should mention about adding your customers phone number is the format. Shopify has very strict validation on the format of phone numbers. We do our best to ensure the format you provide will be accepted by Shopify but you may have to make some changes before you do your import.

The best thing to do when importing your customers phone number is to include the country code. You can read more about how phone number validation works by reading our documentation here. This should give you a full understand about how the feature works.

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