Replacing Values In Your CSV File With EZ Importer

One of the things we've been trying to improve with our app, EZ Importer, is allowing Shopify merchants to import their orders while making minimal changes to their CSV files.  One of the approaches we've taken is allowing you to configure your data mapping to make data changes to your import file. 

We recently launched the ability to change a values found in your import file.  Now you can create default fields for columns that may be missing, add …

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Copy Your EZ Importer Data Mappings

We've recently pushed an update, to our order import app EZ Importer, that allows you to easily copy your data mappings. Many users need to import orders into Shopify from different sources and in many cases the CSV files are very similar. Mapping your CSV file multiple times is very time consuming. In order to try and save you time we now have a copy data mapping button.

If you want to copy your data mapping, simply go …

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EZ Importer: Built-In Data Mapping Templates Now Available

We're excited to announce our latest feature for EZ Importer, built-in templates! If you're a user of our CSV exporter app, EZ Exporter, than you're probably familiar with how much time this feature will save you.

To use the new feature click the Data Mapping Templates option from the left navigation bar. From here you can select a template based on what platform you're importing from. Each template was built based on the CSV export of that platform. …

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EZ Importer: Importing Test Orders

We've recently added a test mode to EZ Importer, which allows you to mark your orders as test orders during import. Shopify allows you to create test orders in their system which will prevent your orders from being treated as real orders. This means they wont show up in the reports and analytics sections and it will put your payment gateway in test mode. To import your orders as test orders, click the "Import as test orders" checkbox on …

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Import Your Kickstarter Campaign to Shopify

Congratulations you've completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. This is quite an accomplishment! Now that you've raised funding for your product it's time to start thinking about how you're going to fulfill them through your Shopify store. Importing external orders to Shopify can be stressful and scary. We're here to try and help take away some of that stress. Our app EZ Importer was built to try and make this process a little easier.

Export Your Backers from Kickstarter

EZ Importer …

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