Export Your Shopify Data to Excel With EZ Exporter

In addition to being able to export your Shopify data to a custom CSV file, EZ Exporter also now supports exporting directly to Excel format. Both the old XLS (Excel 97-2003) and the newer XLSX (Excel 2007 or later) formats are supported.

While pretty much any spreadsheet application can read CSV files, there are instances where the file needs to be specifically in Excel format as certain systems that need to process the file only support Excel formats. A common ...

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Automate and Bulk Update Your Shopify Inventory From Excel With EZ Inventory

We've recently added Microsoft Excel support to EZ Inventory. This means that you can now use Excel files to update your inventory data in addition to CSV/TSV/TXT files. Both XLS and XLSX formats are supported.

We added the feature based on a request from one of our customers. CSV would've worked fine for them as well but they had to do an additional step on their side to convert the feed to CSV from its original Excel format. The ...

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