Automate and Bulk Update Your Tracking Numbers From Excel With EZ Fulfill

We've recently added Microsoft Excel support to EZ Fulfill. This means you can now use Excel files to update your track numbers and fulfillment data in addition to CSV/TSV/TXT files. Both XLS and XLSX formats are supported.

We've added Excel support so you no longer need to convert your Excel files to CSV before uploading your fulfillment data.  This helps speed up the process and cuts out an extra step if you're using excel to manage your fulfillment data.  When converting your Excel files to CSV, there are times when Excel will convert data to scientific notation and this can happen fairly often with tracking numbers.  Now that we support Excel, you don't have to worry about your data being converted unexpectedly before import.  

You can use Excel with your automation process as well.  Although this is a lot less common, it will work with FTP and SFTP servers.  We also allow you to automate your process with Dropbox which also supports Excel files.  Automation works with Excel as it does with CSV.

Configuring Your Data Feed For Excel

Setting up your Data Feed with Excel is very easy.  All you need to do is select the Excel option from the File Format drop down and add the name of the sheet where you have your fulfillment data.

The rest of the process is exactly the same.  You'll need to map the columns in your Excel file to the correct fields in Shopify and you can setup any automation you wish with your feed.  That's it, once you've set everything up you should be all set to start fulfilling your orders.

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