Add Prefixes to Your Import Data With EZ Importer

Our order importing app, EZ Importer, now allows you to add prefixes to your CSV data. Situations may arise when exporting data from another system and you don't have control over the export. Editing your CSV file to add a prefix to each value in a column may be time consuming.

Adding prefixes to your data is easy and can be done from your data mapping. Lets say you want to add a prefix to your phone numbers or ...

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Automatically Fulfill Multiple Files With EZ Fulfill

Our fulfillment app, EZ Fulfill, now allows you to fulfill your Shopify orders in multiple files with our new wildcard syntax. The wildcard syntax can be used to pull your files automatically from FTP, SFTP or Dropbox. When we launched the app we built a variable syntax that allows you to specify your file names using date variables.

Today we're launching a new feature that allows you to use wildcards. The wildcard syntax allows EZ Fulfill to do pattern ...

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EZ Notify: Include UTM Parameters in the Slack Message

We've just pushed a small update to EZ Notify to give our users the option to include UTM and other query parameters in the Slack notification message.

This data is part of the "Landing Site" field, which we've had for a while. However, this is normally a long string of characters which is hard to read.

With this update, you can now include just the landing page's UTM parameters so you can much more easily read the data. Another field ...

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Fulfill Your Shopify Orders with Dropbox

We're excited to announce our first Integration, Dropbox! You can now fulfill your Shopify orders from your Dropbox account. Our Dropbox integration works similar to our FTP/SFTP service where you can manually fulfill your orders or set them up on a schedule.

We use Dropbox here at Highview Apps ourselves for sharing all kinds of files. It makes our workflow much more efficient by not relying on email to share files. You can install Dropbox on pretty much any device, ...

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EZ Exporter Update: Quick Filters in Export Profiles and Data Settings Pages

When we launched EZ Exporter almost 3 years ago now, it started out as a simple Shopify order exporter app. It only supported CSV format and delivering the exported file to an email address and an FTP/SFTP server.

We've added a lot of features to EZ Exporter since then. In addition to exporting Shopify order data, the app also now supports exporting collections, customers, draft orders, and products. We've also added integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3. And ...

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