Getting Started With Multi-Channel Inventory Management

A lot of consumers are selling products across multiple platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. On top of that, they might have their own Shopify store that requires managing inventory. Multi-channel inventory management is critical to the success of an eCommerce business. Why? Because overstock or out-of-stock items can cost a company a lot of money. How much money, you ask? 

Well, if you have an overstocked item that never sells, this can become “dead stock.” The cost of dead …

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Choosing the Right Supplier

Having the right supplier is a critical facet in the diamond that is your e-commerce business. For all intents and purposes, think of a supplier as your business partner. In effect, they are and having the right, or wrong, one can make or break your business. You've probably given some thought to whether or not you need a supplier of any kind and found that yeah, you do. Honestly, it makes things a lot easier when you have someone to …

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EZ Importer: Obey Inventory Policy When Reducing Inventory

We recently launched a new feature that allows you to obey your inventory's policy when importing orders with EZ Importer. It's a request we've had from many customers who use our inventory management feature when importing orders. Before we launched this feature if you reduced your products inventory on import and that products inventory was 0 the order would still import and still reduce your products inventory bringing it below 0. For many customers this doesn't make sense.

When …

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Automatically Export Your Shopify Multi-Location Inventory Data to CSV With EZ Exporter

We've recently pushed an update to EZ Exporter to provide an option to include inventory levels from multiple Shopify locations as part of the product data export.

When you go to the Data Settings in EZ Exporter, you'll now see the following new fields:

  • variants.inventory_levels
  • variants.inventory_levels.available
  • variants.inventory_levels.location_id
  • variants.inventory_levels.location_name
  • variants.inventory_levels.updated_at

By default, the fields that start with variants.inventory_levels. such as variants.inventory_levels.available will include the values from all locations separated by a comma. To split them up in separate columns in the …

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Reduce Inventory When Importing Your Orders

We've recently released a Beta feature in EZ Importer that allows you to reduce product inventory when importing orders. This has come up a lot recently while talking with customers, and it's something we felt would be valuable.

The feature is intended for customers who are doing regular imports opposed to one time imports. At this time the feature is only available upon request. If this is a feature you're interested in please contact us so we can add you …

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