Automate and Bulk Update Your Shopify Inventory From Excel With EZ Inventory

We've recently added Microsoft Excel support to EZ Inventory. This means that you can now use Excel files to update your inventory data in addition to CSV/TSV/TXT files. Both XLS and XLSX formats are supported.

We added the feature based on a request from one of our customers. CSV would've worked fine for them as well but they had to do an additional step on their side to convert the feed to CSV from its original Excel format. The reporting tool they were using to generate their inventory file only supported Excel, so adding Excel support in our app helped them eliminate that extra conversion step which makes their process more reliable as there's one less thing that can break.

Using Excel instead of CSV for the data feed format is pretty straightforward. Simply select "Microsoft Excel" in the "File Format" option dropdown and specify the name of the Excel sheet that contains the inventory data:

EZ Inventory - Sync your Shopify inventory from an Excel file

That's basically it, you can leave everything else as is and our app will handle the rest. :)

Tags: shopify, excel, ez inventory, inventory management