Add Prefixes to Your Import Data With EZ Importer

Our order importing app, EZ Importer, now allows you to add prefixes to your CSV data. Situations may arise when exporting data from another system and you don't have control over the export. Editing your CSV file to add a prefix to each value in a column may be time consuming.

Adding prefixes to your data is easy and can be done from your data mapping. Lets say you want to add a prefix to your phone numbers or order numbers. To configure your prefixes, go to your data mapping and expand the Prefix Field Configuration section. This will display an input box that allows you to add a prefix to the data in any column in your CSV file. Add the column name to the inbox box on the left and the prefix value to the input box on the right.

Data Mapping Prefix Configuration

If you want to add more than one prefix, you can click the Add More button to display more prefix configuration input forms. Once you've added your prefixes simply click the Add or Update button at the bottom of your Data Mapping. During your next import, the columns you've configured will have the prefix values prepended to each value in that column.

For a more detailed description of how the feature works and it's quirks check out our full documentation here. We hope this helps cut down more time when importing data from your CSV files.

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