Can I add a prefix to my data before sending it to Shopify?

You can use prefixes to prepend data to any values in your CSV file. For example, if you have a column in your CSV file called Order Number and you wanted to add the text OLD- at the beginning of every order number in your CSV file, you can do so with our prefix field configurations. Below is an overview of how prefixes work in EZ Importer.

Mapping Your Prefix Values

In order to setup your prefixes go to the data mapping that you'll be using for your import and scroll down to the Prefix Field Configuration (Optional) section. By default, this section is collapsed so you may need to expand the section by clicking on it.

Prefix Field Configuration Data Mapping Section

You'll see two input boxes under the Prefix Configuration heading. The input box on the left is where you need to add the column name, from your CSV file, you want the prefix added too. The input box on the right is where you will add the prefix value. For example, if you want to add the prefix OLD- to all order numbers, than add the column header from your CSV file that has your order numbers to the input box on the left. Add the value OLD- to the input box on the right. In our example the column in our CSV file that has the order numbers is called Order Number.

Prefix Configuration Example

When configuring your prefixes, the column names you use for your prefix MUST BE mapped in the Fields section of the Data Mapping or you will get an error. You should also note that column values in your CSV file are case sensitive. So please make sure to correctly add the name of your column when configuring your prefixes as the columns case does matter.

Adding a Prefix to Multiple Columns

If you would like to add a prefix to more than one column in your CSV file, click the Add More button in the Prefix Configuration section of the data mapping.

Add More Prefixes

This will bring up an additional set of input boxes for you to configure. At this time we allow you to add a maximum of 10 prefix configurations. Each column name must be unique.

Prefix Values When Linking by SKU

When you are linking an order by the SKU, if you want to add a prefix to your SKU field you must make sure the SKU exists in your store WITH the prefix. We will look up the SKUs in your store with the prefix value you have configured on the SKU field.

If you have the Link by SKU option selected and you do NOT have your line items price and title mapped, the title and price are added by Shopify when we send the SKU data to them.

Link By SKU Prefix Configuration

This means, if you have a prefix configured on the title the prefix WILL NOT be added to your title. You will need to provide the title in your CSV file so EZ Importer can add the prefix to the title before sending it to Shopify.

Prefix Values With Shopify Generated Order Numbers

If you have the Shopify will generate order number during import option configured and you have a prefix on your order number, the prefix will not be used. When this option is enabled, we never send the order numbers to Shopify we just use them to map line items to your orders. In this situation, the order numbers are purely generated by Shopify and we can not send them your prefix.

Shopify Generate Order Number Prefix Configuration

If you do want to add a prefix to your Shopify generated order numbers you must do so in the Shopify admin which will add a prefix to all order numbers generated in Shopify, not just with EZ Importer.

Prefix Values and Blank CSV Values

When using prefix values, if the value found in your CSV value is blank the prefix will not be added. EZ Importer will ignore any blank or empty values found in your CSV file. You can NOT use prefix values as a default value for your field. The prefix will be ignored and the empty/blank value will be sent to Shopify as.

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