Release on Hold Orders with EZ Fulfill

You can now release orders on hold using EZ Fulfill.  Releasing orders can be done by enabling the Release Orders On Hold Data Feed configuration.  We've set this up as a configuration as some merchants may not want orders released based on the presence of the order in their uploaded file.  

Configuring Orders To Be Released

Releasing orders that are on hold in your Shopify admin is straightforward.  Go to the Data Feed you're using to fulfill your orders and click the Release Orders On Hold checkbox in the Custom Configuration section:

Once you've enabled this setting and saved your Data Feed, EZ Fulfill will check if an order has a status of On Hold when pulling the order from Shopify.  If the order's status is On Hold, EZ Fulfill will release the hold, mark the order fulfilled, and upload the tracking numbers for that order.  It's that simple.

For a complete breakdown of the feature, read our documentation here.  If you have questions about the feature, contact us, and we'll be happy to help.

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