EZ Importer: Strict Address Validation

Recently we've tightened our validation on the billing and shipping addresses in EZ Importer. We've decided to make the validation strict because orders that have invalid shipping or billing addresses "fail silently" in Shopify. This means, Shopify imports the order successfully but they ignore the shipping or billing address you've provided.

For example, if you import an order with an address that doesn't have a country, the order will import successfully and you'll see all of the order data but not the address. The shipping section will be blank.

failed address import

When doing larger imports, it's easy to accidentally import an order with an invalid address and not realize it. We think it makes more sense to return an error in this case opposed to allowing you to import an order without realizing your data is invalid. To see a list of fields that are required when importing a shipping or billing address click here.

Unfortunately there are a few things we still have to rely on Shopify to validate when importing shipping and billing addresses. The most import is the shipping_address.country and the billing_address.country fields. When importing the country fields it's important that you add the full name of the country or the two digit code. We recommend you add the two digit code as you're less likely to make a mistake. We've seen many customers try to import shipping or billing addresses with a country of USA instead of US or United States and the order imports successfully with no address.

Also in this release you'll notice we now allow you to provide the last_name field instead of the name field with your shipping or billing address. You previously had to provide the name field or the shipping/billing address would fail to import. You can now provide the last_name instead. If your CSV file has the first name and last name in seperate columns you can now map them to the shipping/billing first_name and last_name fields. Shopify requires we send either the name or last_name field on all imports that have the shipping or billing address.

We hope this helps cut down on mistakes with your imports and makes your order data more accurate. If you have any other questions about this feature please feel free to contact us.

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