Importing Shipping and Billing Addresses

When importing orders you may want to import the shipping and/or billing address with your import.

Billing Address Tab

When importing shipping or billing addresses you'll need to provide the following fields.

  1. The name or last_name field must be present. You only need to provide one of these fields not both. We recommend you also import the first_name with the last_name but it's not required. Read more here.
  2. The country field is required.
  3. The address1 field is required.
  4. The city field is required.

We require these fields be present and NOT empty during your import because Shopify will successfully import your order but the shipping or billing address will "fail silently" if they aren't provided. This means your import will be successful but the address will not show on your order. This leads to unexpected behavior and we think it's better that you know the order data will not be imported instead of finding out later that your order is missing important information.

Remember the shipping and billing address fields are optional for your import but if you do want to import the address data you'll have to ensure the above fields are provided.

Use Billing Address As Shipping Address

When importing your order you may want to import the same address for both the billing_address and shipping_address fields. To make this easier we have a checkbox on the Billing Address tab that will copy the fields you have mapped to the billing_address to your shipping_address.

Use Billing Address as Shipping Address checkbox

If you click the checkbox labeled Use Billing Address as Shipping Address you will no longer need to map any shipping address fields. EZ Importer will copy the fields read in from the CSV columns you've mapped as your Billing Address.

If you have this checkbox clicked and still have the Shipping Address fields mapped, EZ Importer will use the Billing Address fields in place of the Shipping Address fields.

Shopify Customer Profile

When importing your shipping and billing address fields, if you map the customer email address on the Customer tab or the Order Details tab the address fields will be associated with the customer in the Shopify admin. This allows you to easily import new addresses as they come in with orders. You can also manage the address fields directly from the Shopify admin.

If you have any other questions or concerns about this feature please contact us.

App: EZ Importer

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