Link Your Line Items By Barcode When Importing Orders With EZ Importer

When importing orders, it's important to link the line items on your orders to the products you have set up in your Shopify admin.  Shopify does this for you when orders are purchased from your cart.   When creating orders from external sources, you may want to match the line item on your orders to its product.

EZ Importer allows you to do this by the product and variant ID or the product SKU.  With our latest release, you can now link your products by barcode.

Link Product By Barcode

If you're familiar with our link product by SKU feature, then using the barcode will be straightforward as it works the same way.  Select the Link Product By Barcode option in the Link Product To Order Configuration.

Then, map the barcode field on the Line Items tab in the fields section of your data mapping.  This tells EZ Importer to read the barcode value from your file and look through your product catalog until it finds a match. 

If a match is found, the line item on your order will be linked to the product's barcode you provided.

Barcode Field

When creating your order, the barcode field you map on your line items is not sent to Shopify. This field only looks up your products and links them with the order. Shopify does not support sending the barcode value with your order, so it will not be present anywhere on the order.  

You can still provide the SKU with your line items if you'd like, but you can only select one of the fields to link your product.  Please read our complete documentation about linking your products to your orders here.

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