EZ Exporter: January 2024 Updates

Below is a list of changes to EZ Exporter that we've pushed in the last couple of months.

New Order Fields

  • confirmation_number (A randomly generated alpha-numeric identifier for the order that may be shown to the customer instead of the sequential order name. This value isn't guaranteed to be unique.)
  • po_number (The purchase order number associated to this order.)
  • tax_exempt (Whether or not an order was exempt from taxes. Value is either True or False.)

New Templates

  • Items Fulfilled Today (Summary)
  • Items Fulfilled Today (Detailed)
  • Products Not Part of Any Collection
  • Customers Subscribed to SMS Marketing
  • Customers Subscribed to Email Marketing
  • Refund Transactions Breakdown
  • Line Items with Fulfillment On Hold (Last 14 Days)
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) Orders (Last 30 Days)

Use Date and Time Variables in the Email Subject and Message

You can now use date and time variables in the email subject and message.  If your email client automatically groups emails with identical subjects, this is a good way to get around it if you don't want them grouped.

Google Scope Changes

Google has re-classified the drive.metadata.readonly scope as "restricted", so we're removing this scope from our app and using alternative scopes instead which are considered non-sensitive.

You can learn more about this update here.

We will be sending out emails next week to affected users.

Google Drive Integration Now Requires a Folder ID or URL

Due to the Google scope changes mentioned above, we can no longer use the folder path to figure out where to upload the file.  So users who use our Google Drive integration will now have to enter the Folder ID or URL directly in the app (the folder ID is part of the URL, you basically just need to go to drive.google.com, go to the folder you want to upload the files to, and then copy/paste that URL into EZ Exporter).

We've already migrated existing Export Profiles to use the new Folder ID method.

Emails Sent From EZ Exporter Now Supports DMARC

We've added a DMARC record to our domains in order to comply with new email requirements from Gmail and Yahoo.

Every email also now includes an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

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